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  1. Doctor's bag patterns

    Hi Butch, it would be appreciated if you could send me the pattern to Believe it or not we also have doctors in South Regards Clinton Inglis
  2. Picture

    Your work is truely amazing.
  3. Latest Belt

    Another truely awesome belt. Keep up the great work.
  4. Great belt what a skill you have. Just a question, is the background and edge of the belt dyed (painted) black and then the resist is applied to the whole belt before the antique is applied. Again awesome work. Regards Clinton Inglis
  5. Absolutely brilliant. A question do you resist the whole belt and then antique or is the resist applied only to the light areas (if so is it applied with a brush) and then the rest of the belt is dyed to the required colour and then antiqued. Again awesome work. Regards Clinton Inglis
  6. Carlos border

    Thank you very much appreciated.
  7. Hi All and thanks for a wonderful forum. My question is I live in South Africa and we struggle to get a product to be used as a resist before applying antique. What products can be used and can a natural shoe polish be used. Thanks in advance.
  8. Absolutly awesome. Great work what a master.
  9. Casing Leather

    The download is very helpful and appreciated, regards.
  10. Hand Stitching - Art Or Madness

    Absolutely awesome stitching. Can you please explain know how to double hand sadle stitch or where I can get the info. Great work keep it up.
  11. How I Make A Bridle

    Thank you nutty sadler. I have just started making a bridle for my daughter who is into equestrian. I am pretty much a newby to leatherwork and this tutorial is great. Keep up the good work and happy new year to all.
  12. Bulling Leather Army Boots

    Hi All It is done pretty much the same all around the world. Here in South Africa the procedure is/was called 'Boning' the boots. Also at inspection before guard duty the neatest soldier on parade was given the duty off . He was called 'Stockman' in Afrikaans which is 'Stickman' in english but don't ask me why. These were the good old days in South Africa.
  13. Hi All I am a relatively newbie at leatherwork and need to dye veg tanned leather belts white. I do have a spray gun but need to know what is the best products to use and there application or preparation to the leather. Any help or assistance will be truely appreciated. Thanks in advance Clinton
  14. Leather Bracelets Mixed Exotics

    Great work. Will send e-mail shortly for instructions.Keep up the good work. Clinton