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  1. Wiz I have a Swiss made Simplex Greuter which is a hand cranked curved needle sole stitcher. It is a heavy little beast at just over 100 lbs. c/w instruction manuel photos can be posted. Machine is located in Regina Saskatchewan. Shipping can be arranged at buyer's expense. Asking $150.00 for head only obo.
  2. Hi Folks Have you tried this; Leather Sewing Machines on this thread ,look at topic "Singer 133k Info wanted", posted by Constabulary. Scroll down and 132 manual can be found in PDF. I think you may find what you are looking for. Good Luck Leo
  3. I forgot to mention to check the size of your shaft, the 8" kit fits a 5/8 shaft while the 6" is for 1/2". I suspect your 6" grinder has a 1/2" shaft. Layo
  4. Krakenfan69, Hi I agree with Thor, the Princess Auto 8" kit is presently on sale and is complete. They also have a 6" kit which would preclude removing the guards. Good luck Layo
  5. WOW​, Cst. The Pearson 6 I've owned since 1974 still looks like your first pics, shame on me!!! But by golly, whenever I need to sew a tight stitch on thick leather, the ole girl always pulls through. ​You've done a wonderful job, the best is still to come when you get it going "chicum chicum, beautiful sound. Over the years I've made a few upgrades: needle guide, snap in table and sewing guide. It came with the highly sought after bobbin winder. Don't how to attach pics sorry!! Layo
  6. I am learning to sew on the Adler 205. Nice machine but I'm used to heeling the pedal to apply the brake. The boss says stop it with your hand on the flywheel.. Tiring to say the least. Is this the way to control a top of the line Adler? Maybe he is right or is a clutch adjustment Need your advice. Thank you... Layo
  7. Hi Md Try a shoulder strap from a backpack or sports bag, should put you in the ball game. Make a pattern and you got it. 0:)
  8. HI I have the same machine, here are a few hints: ensure the machine and bobbin are properly threaded, and the bobbin should turn counter clockwise as you sew. Increase the bobbin tension, in small increments. Check the timing, hook to needle scharf. Use of the correct needle is critical (328 needles various sizes) fully insert the needle in the needle bar and check that no broken needle shaft is in the needle bar, this will alter the timing. There are threads on this site that can help with the setup, The Singer manual will also be of assistance. The 132K6 is a beast and will sew almost anything that fits under the foot. I like my machine, I only wish I had more work for it. Good Luck, Layo
  9. Hi steadybrook I am technically challenged but will try, please be patient. It's painted John Deere green and very clean. Thanks for your interest. I'm located in Regina, SK if that means anything for shipping charges. three-0 six five.4 five-four-one three -nine Leo
  10. Hi Chris I had the same problem, used a puller to get crank off. then filed shaft nice and smooth. Solution: made a flat spot on shaft and drilled a dimple on flat spot, so set screw will sit. Tightened to prevent crank from turning. Problem solved.. You are working with cast.....easy on the hammer. Good Luck Leo.
  11. Steadybrook: Are you still looking for a 5in1? I have one that I'd be willing to sell, trade or whatever. am asking $600 plus shipping, OBO. I don't where you are in Canada, I am in Regina, SK. If interested let me know.
  12. How's this fer slicing. Operating a Campbell Randal needle and awl machine stitching at the speed of light and being somewhat new at the controls , Three stitches though thumb and nail before I could stop the beast. Quickly learned to feather the clutch controls K Leo
  13. Hi Catskin, Leo in Regina, Warkov in Winnipeg, they have a good selection of parts. If you need their number let me know. Good luck Leo
  14. Make sure the pulleys are tight on the shaft, soumds to me like the may have come loose and are turning on the shaft. Good Luck, Leo
  15. Hi Charles Get in touch with Singermania, he is a regular contributor to this site. He probably has the largest collection of #6s and parts. He would likely sell you a shuttle in good condition for a reasonable price. I have a Pearson 6 and would send you pictures of the shuttle if I could download photos. Have to learn how to do that. Good Luck Leo.