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  1. ATTENTION TACK MAKERS! You put in all the hard work and time of making a beautiful headstall and then you stick an ugly yellow "pencil" in where the bit attaches?! NOOO! Problem solved! Introducing the Sleepy Holow Leather and Custom Beading BIT STICK©!!! Customized to your color preferences. Contact me to order yours! $40CDN or $31USD + shipping NOTE: Leather work pictured is created by Jan Brohn at Cole Coles Leather
  2. Leather Burnishers On Ebay

    Chris, I got a set of your burnishers about a year ago and use them all the time and LOVE them. I hope you get this sorted out to your satisfaction and sooner than later. If you need any help, looks like you have quite a few folks on here and on Facebook that are willing to step up to the plate for you. Best of luck and please keep us posted as to the progress. ~ Kim
  3. Thanks MadMaxx! I think I need an updated camera (or lessons) Appreciate your feedback! ~ K
  4. Thank you Tim!!! Appreciate that!
  5. This is the first clutch purse I have done in a Sheridan Style. I used a Chan Geer pattern as a base and finagled it to fit the clutch purse. I used a Chaylor-Finneli interior and used dark brown kangaroo for the lacing. Any feedback is welcome as I am new to this style of carving and still learning! ~ Kim Here is the back -- had to post in twice due to file sizes.
  6. How much to charge...,

    Thanks Michael! I have been looking for a way to price my items and this will be a great guide for me! Cheers! ~ Kim
  7. I have been searching for the last week to see where I saw the finger carving (would have helped if I could have remembered what it was called) -- finally found the posts today. Just amazing! Is finger carving done all freehand or do you follow a pattern? Beautiful work! ~ Kim

  8. 154258_473913879182_834879182_5440756_5610147_n.jpg

    Love this! I would like to learn how to do this. The finished piece is really nice. Great job! ~ K
  9. Thank you! I found the sites listed above very helpful!! ~ Kim
  10. Looking For Horse Picture

    Thanks for posting! It is just what I am looking for -- I am also a newbie and going to give this a try! Cheers! ~ Kim
  11. Love your stuff - very unique!

  12. I am looking for where I can get a good variety of nailheads - specifically I am looking for a slanted rectangle shape for belts. Anyone know some websites that I can check out to find these? Thanks in advance! ~ Kim
  13. Hey AB Bound -- just thought I would drop you a hello and thank you, if I haven't already, for the compliment on my cover. :-) Do you have any pictures of your work to share?

  14. Hey Kimmee, thanks for adding me as a friend. Funny enough, I was just checking out your Kobo cover yesterday and I agree, it doesn't look like the work of someone who just started. Very nice!