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  1. Neat, For A Glock.

    Great work. That belt is killer!!!!
  2. Revolvers are tough. That's a really tough one. Really nice job. C.J.
  3. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers or seem to know more then anyone. Certainly not someone with 40 plus years in the game. Just my opinion. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels as I do. C.J.
  4. I hate the sight of screw nuts on the back of a holster. SO UNPROFESSIONAL! Buy better quality nuts. Does milt sparks have exposed t-nuts? NO! Who sells more holsters? You or Milt Sparks? If it comes back fix it. Do it right or don't do it. No offense. Just a pet peeve. Send a letter with your holsters letting them know its not supposed to be used with a pneumatic driver. Puts it on them. And then still fix it!!!! Again no offense. C.J.
  5. Gp100 Holster

    I can never get the stitch line right on revolvers. Yours is perfect. Very nice. Really want that gun too.
  6. The post has a lot of warnings about using these types of magnets. Being right handed I'm not sure how I would get my wallet out without passing over the holster. Also everywhere I find that sells them uses only UPS for shipping with around a $15 minimum shipping cost. I have great local sorce for Pull-the Dot snaps so I think I'll stick with them. Still pretty cool but I see a lot of people possibly having issues with the magnets and the contents of their wallets. C.J.
  7. I noticed that too. C.J.
  8. Does anyone know if the magnet comes countersunk for a flat head screw or just the cup. Description just mentions the cup. Thanks C.J.
  9. I have never seen them used before. Thanks for the info. Not much more expensive then snaps. May have to try them. Thanks again. C.J.
  10. http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=394285 Very cool new fastening system from Milt Sparks. I like the holster but its really nothing new but the magnetic fastener are very interesting. Not that the average holster maker could get ahold of them. Getting snaps can be a challenge when you only need a few. Happy Holidays C.J.
  11. A friend had helped me out on a couple of small projects lately and as a thank you I offered to make him a holster similar to one of mine he liked. I asked what color he would like expecting to hear saddle tan or black. He responded with "can ya make it blue". Well here it is. Cant really get a good pic of it and my camera battery died while trying. The holster is horsehide with cowhide belt loops. Dyed with Eco-Flo from Tandy. I know Eco-Flo has few fans but it really wasn't that bad. The horsehide came out great with about thee applications to get the dark navy color I was going for. The cowhide loops were not so easy. Probably six coats and still an odd color. I started buffy the loops and then oiling and the color finally came out decent. I like it especially with the white stitching. Its different for sure. Thanks for looking CJ
  12. I've gotten horsehides from Springfield and Zack White. The Zack White ones were much nicer. Larger and thicker. They were a few dollars more but much nicer. Still much prefer leather to the horse though. FWIW CJ