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  1. What is this called and how to do it?

    looks like a smooth pear shader twisted randomly between each strike
  2. tippmann aerostitch

    What size/type of smaller machine are you interested in? I have a Consew 225 or a couple of other walking foot machines I am willing to part with.
  3. consew skiving s3 feet

    Melanie Machine Co. are the masters of all skiving machines in Southern California. Talk to Arnold Kay. Very helpful and very knowledgeable. 818-515-3064
  4. Aerin, We should talk. My own shop is about 1.5 hours drive from you, but we could meet and I can give you some pointers. I can also put you in touch with some costumers and designers I know in LA, and I have a good friend who has a fashion degree and designs in leather and metals in Portland that I would be happy to introduce you to as well. Send me a PM so we can set up a meeting. Cheers, Logan
  5. 1862 Leather Repair Machine

    Definitely a patch machine. Looks like a Bradbury to me
  6. Singer 132K6 Parts

    Excellent site! Thank you. This is a huge help
  7. Singer 132K6 Parts

    Does anyone have parts for a Singer 132k6? I bought one for a great deal on Ebay, and even after I told the seller ho to pack the head so it could be shipped safely, he let the folks at his local UPS store do it. They put it in a single walled cardboard box , no ply wood under it to support it, and they thought that styro peanuts would be enough to keep this 97 pound machine fro knocking around in its box. When I received it, the box was smashed up, and a part of the machine as protruding through a hole in the box. There were a total of 16 breaks in the cast iron,, 3 more cracks started, and the thread lube pot was broken off & its rod was bent. The foot tension screw was pretty smashed up too. If anyone has a hand/balance wheel for one of these, let me know, and let me know how much you want for it. The rod that drives the feed dog is broken in several places too, so I am looking for one of those as well. Fortunately I have a very talented machinist who can weld cast iron, does an excellent job and guarantees his work, but welding cast iron is difficult and involved, and therefore expensive, so if I can get replacement parts, that would probably be better. Speaking of which, if anyone has damaged machines out there, don't write them off, he is very skilled at welding cast iron, and I would be happy to put you in touch with him. He is in Murrieta, CA.
  8. Seeking An Experienced Leather Worker For The Rowdy Rose

    Greetings, I have over 20 years experience in nearly all aspects of leather design and production, including 3 years doing all of the saddle and tack repair for The Thacher School in Ojai, CA while teaching leatherworking classes there. Several years in design, production and installation of extreme high end custom leather interiors for Becker Automotive Design, My work has appeared on principal actors in feature films, television, advertising, music videos and theater, My work is in several museums domestic and abroad. I am currently in Wildomar, CA but I could consider Banning for the right situation. Let's talk more. Regards, -Logan
  9. Carving With A V Gouge

    What specifically is the challenge for you with the swivel knife? if twisting and swiveling the knife is your issue, rather than regulating the pressure, you may want to look into a Tangleboss from Tanglefoot Traders in Nevada. Not sure if they are still in business. The Home page is the only page on his site that works. Take a look at http://tanglefoottraders.wix.com/tangle-foot-trading#!__tangleboss_swivelknife and/or try calling him (Tim) at 888-812-9121 I almost got one of these once on Ebay, but I wanted to try one before committing to buy. Hope this helps!
  10. 1951 111W156 Rocking Back

    Please give us a thorough description of what you mean by "rocking back" so we can analyze and address the issue
  11. Medieval Joker Custom Leather Armor Completed

    That's why we need to get you out here, closeer to the 'wood!
  12. Boss For $600

    It's already sold...damn!