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  1. My Take On Belt Tunnels

    Stealfdawg, I was not saying you copied a design, my appologies. My comment was in reference to leaving a portion of the trigger exposed. I had made a regular pancake style and had left the trigger of a Glock 19 partially exposed. A buddy of mine had pointed out the possibility of an accidental discharge. I'm not aware of the workings of that type of weapon and only wanted to make the comment, sorry for any confusion. I was not very clear.
  2. My Take On Belt Tunnels

    Great looking rig, color and construction etc... Only thing I see and it's from a holster I had made previously, is the trigger being partially exposed. IMHO.
  3. A Bunch Of Chrome Tanned Leather

    Sorry Orchid, The wife and daughter called first dibs.
  4. First Attempts....!

    One thing, first change your image size. I am using a twenty inch monitor and your pics are HUGE
  5. A Bunch Of Chrome Tanned Leather

    I'll check and see thanks, have some beautiful colors; purple, black, blue, distressed brown, tan, etc.. and in different weights, and he's bringing me another load. I've told him I only used veg tan leather but he wants me to try some for shoulder holster straps. I told him next time she goes into the "VAULT" to try and find horse hide, her company produces some very expensive horse hide shoes. I'm thinking I might try a basic leather vest or two maybe some bags, I don't know.
  6. Looking for suggestions for chrome tanned leather. A buddies wife works for a brand name shoe company and got a load of whole hides. Any ideas?
  7. Maverick Leather

    Thanks for replies I'll be ordering some soon to try it out.
  8. Maverick Leather

    Has anyone tried Maverick Leather for their horse butt strips. This is what their page says. Horse Butt Strips First Quality, Natural Veg 5-7oz, 8-9oz, and 9+oz $11.95/lb
  9. Burnishing The Reinforcement Piece

    thanks, just double checking myself
  10. Hey everyone, I have only done 1 holster with the reinforcement piece and my question is do I burnish the whole piece before sewing it on the holster body or just on three side then burnish the holster and reinforcement piece together at the mouth of the holster?
  11. Couple Fresh Ones...

    Excellent work, clean lines .
  12. Second Go At This Iwb Pattern

    Great looking holster, a question about the elephant piece, did you attach that after wet moulding the leather or did your sew it on and then mould?
  13. My First Holster - 1911 Iwb

    Looks really good to me, color seems a little off but othr wise Great
  14. Cutting Woes

    For my two cents and because I'm still learning I use my swiss army knife, an officers model. Great thin blades very strong, either the small or large blade and easy to sharpen. Have used it to cut 8/9 oz and heavy harness leather, it makes a great clean cut.