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  1. Adler 30-7

  2. Where To Find This Kind Of Buckle? Thanks

    http://www.harnesshardware.ca/ pages 4,5,7 in their catalogue Chris
  3. Hi Ma - I get much of my hardware from Harnesss Hardware, near Kitcener, Ont. Their catalogue http://www.harnessha...ets_staples.pdf shows spots as small as 1/8". You can get a commercial account with them, or I could send you small retail quantities. Other than that, I would try hammered wire (but be carefull with your leather!) or escutcheon pins.
  4. English Bridle Hardware Question?

    C-U - have a look at http://www.harnesshardware.ca/catalog/full_catalog.pdf pg 38 item 1006 - they wholesale only, but if you can find what you neeed in here, I can sell you some - PM me - what size, how many? Chris
  5. How Do You Find Your Groove?

    I got into leather because taking up riding got me into saddles and tack. Right now that's extending to an interest in harness. That being said, my first paying commission was to rebuild a rather complicated cartridge-belt guitar strap. Now I know I don't want to get into guitar straps. People who see my own tack are starting to ask me to do work for them - although horses are very popular around here, aparently there is a shortage of saddlers and leather-worlkers. Now I just need a big enough commission to convince my wife I really do need that heavy leather stitcher. So far I've had little interest in tooling, but I'm starting to think I should try it for fancier headstalls. Rather than dfeciding to do leather work, and searching for my groove, I think the groove just found me. My risk is developing too many interests in too many things.
  6. Striking Salts

    See this thread for info on natural dyes: http://leatherworker...?showtopic=1317
  7. Jules - I've had some success using vinagaroon (good threads on this site) to touch up black saddles. It won't always penetrate old glazed leather, and it only works on the veg-tan, but at least there is no dye to transfer. Chris
  8. Anyone From Canada?

    Hi - I'm near Ottawa - welcome to LW
  9. While visiting relatives near Woodstock recently, I decided to check the local Kijiji for used saddles. What I found was a listing for two "stitching saddles". Yep - sure enough, they were stitching horses. The owner remembered his parents using them to repair tack, but didn't think anyone did that anymore - "Isn't that a lost art?" He had listed them under antique furniture, and figured they were good only as decorative plant stands. Had he not mis-named them I never would have found them. Well, I picked up two plant stands for less than I'd expect to pay for one stitching saddle, er.., horse. They are both of oak, even the seats. One has maple jaws, one oak. All the joints are through tenons. I've cleaned up, repaired and refinished one of them - new leather, scrape and paint the rust, sand and refinish the wood. The jaws were chipped, so I refaced them wih maple, then added leather covers. I also put a wear-leather on the foot-pedal, as it had worn significantly. The only real damage to the wood was some rot on the bottom, where they had stood in a damp basement, so I added some adjustable feet. Loking at the jaws I suppose I might call one a harness horse, and the other, if I reworked the tension strap, a saddle-stitching horse, but I don't really need two. I expect once I refinish the second one I'll decide which I want to keep and put the other up in the for-sale section. Anyone looking for a plant stand, or a "stitching saddle"? Chris
  10. Leather In Prostheses

    The pdf catalogue in the lower right corner of http://www.winkley.com/our-history/ has a leather section on pages 26-30. Looking at the (lack of) safety arrangements in the factory, it's no wonder they needed so many artificial limbs! I was intrigued by the many special machines, and by how little some of our leather-working machines have changed. Chris
  11. Martingale Chain

    Lori - Try this: http://www.harnesshardware.ca/catalog/chains.pdf I have found them very helpful Chris
  12. 251-12

    see http://www.ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/classes-200-299.html. I find this list a very handy reference. It has everything you were asking, plus the needle system. Chris
  13. Try http://harnesshardware.ca/ - their catalogue is on line as a .pdf. I found them very helpful. Chris
  14. Wanted: Bridle Leather

    Come to think of it, Darren, if this doesn't work out let me know, and I could cut you some of mine Chris
  15. Wanted: Bridle Leather

    Newfie - I suggest you talk to Aaron Martin http://www.aaronmartin.com/index.shtml they're not far from you, near Kitchener. I found them very friendly and helpful. I dropped in the first time, and set up an account, If you expect to do business volume, they seemed glad to extend business account and discount. I bought a whole side of bridle, but I'm sure they would cut what you need. Chris