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  1. Issue resolved....much thanks to you all. I finally got in touch with David at leather machine company who very patiently walked me through recallibrating the tensioners again, then coached me on setting proper tension for upper thread and slightly changing bobbin tension. After I texted him a photo of the sample stitches he confirms that it's now properly adjusted. It sews like a dream again! Thank you all for your input and help....I learned much from this experience. Now I have some projects to sew! Viking Queen
  2. Tinker, Thank you so much for suggesting changing the leather for my stitching sample ....I should have thought of that. The sample in the picture was on a soft old, fuzzy chunk of leather, not what I usually work on. I use 7-8 oz herman oak shoulders and it very different than the scrap in the photo. After reading your post I ran another test on 2 layers of Herman Oak 7-8 oz and came up with the same result as before. I re-checked everything and the only other change I made was to go down one needle size from a 25 to a 24 wih 277 thread top and bobbin. Voila! No more thread getting "sucked into" the leather on the bobbin side. I still need to adjust tension as I now have knots on the underside....a big improvement, but not right yet. I spent part of the day getting my neck and both my frozen rotator cuffs (shoulders) worked on at the chiropractor, sooo not fun, and am wiped out so will fiddle with tensions more tomorrow. I am geting much closer. Once again, I thank everyone who chimed in to offer suggestins. When you get so very frustrated it is easy to not see everything as clearly or logically as you should. Lesson learned. Blessings, VQ
  3. I have tried a smaller needle...did not change anything Changed to different thread....still no change Increased bobbin tension, in 1/8 turn increments until I could not hardly pull bobbin change I switched tensions back to where they were. . . .sigh....very frustrated - lots of work sitting here waiting to be done. It seems like this should be a simple thing...I have only been sewing on domestic machines for 60+ years so I do have an above average idea of how tensions work. Just am missing something here. Will have to call Steve again Monday. Left a couple of messages this week. Thank you, gentlemen, for your suggestions.
  4. Hello, I need some help with tension adjustments on my Cobra 4. I took some time off from stitching and now that I am getting back to work I find the machine tension elves have somehow messed up the tensions on my machine! The bottom ,bobbin, thread is being "sucked up" into the leather. I have backed off the top tensions, recalibrated that per Steve's instructions in another thread, but the problem remains the same regardless of stitch lengh, top tension or thickness of leather. I have fiddled with top tensions quite a lot, but find no resolution. Have been hesitant to adjust bobbin tension, too tight, too loose.....I just don't know. So, I come to the experts for advice. Here is an example of the stitches. Top row is top thread example....bottom row is bobbin thread. What say you, experts?
  5. I bought a Cobra 4 and had no problems with a residential delivery. The truck was about the longest semi I could ever imagine and he fit it into a little residential cul-de-sac. There was a lift on the back of the truck and the machine and stand were bolted to a pallet along with some smaller boxes of parts. He unloaded the pallet, asked where I wanted it, rolled it with a pallet jack into the exact spot in my gaage where I needed it and did it all with a smile and cheerful attitude. How he turned the truck around is beyond me, but it was gone in a jiffy. The table just needed the wheels attached and later a friend arrived to help me place the head on the table. - the head weighs maybe 150 lbs. We rolled it out of the garage, up the sidewalk and into the house. In no time my machine was up and running. After such a painless delivery process I can not imagine a company offering you delivery with such poor "service". I am a female and would have had an impossible time geting the thing off the truck and into the garage by myself. It just wouldn't have happened. I do hope you have a better delivery experience than what you anticipate. Viking Queen
  6. Texas Custom Dies will make you one ...any width and length you want. And it will be sharp, very very sharp. Mine was here in just over a week from the date I called. It was $80.....will last me a lifetime.
  7. A turky baster (like a large eyedropper) works well. Some have actual measurements on them. You can use the baster in one hand and hold the bottle with the other. Go to dollar store to by them, they will be cheap there, and get one for each color you use. That way you can let them dry and reuse them for the same color next time. You don't need to do all kinds of cleanout if you use one for each color. Write the color on the baster up near the bulb with a sharpe marker. I get the cheap plastic food storage containers there too and use them for a dye basin. Again, mark the dish with a marker so you know what color you used it for. I like regular syringes from the feed store livestock section for some projects, however have found that some solvents/chemicals used in dyes, etc, will sometimes eat away the rubber end of the syringe stopper and render it useless, that's why I now use the turkey basters. Happy dying, hope this is helpful, Viking Queen
  8. It is difficult to find yardage of thick felt. However, if you google saddle pad liner you will find inexpensive wool felt liners (make sure it is a liner, not the actual pad) which are quite thick. Buy one of those for less than $20 and you can cut it up for many many ankle holster pads. The wool felt will breathe and wick off moisture, unlike any synthetic felt which will hold moisture - not good. Best of luck with the ankle holster. Viking Queen
  9. I have to add a few comments, OK, a LOT of comments, on this subject as well. A year and a half ago, I too agonized over the purchase of a Cobra 4 machine. Once I finally made the decision to contact Steve and place an order I felt fully confident that I had made the right choice in purchasing this wonderous machine from Steve. The transaction was smooth and flawless. Delivery was a marvel in itself, as I live in a very small cul-de-sac and I still am not quite sure how that very looong delivery truck in and out of our little street with such ease. The driver was personable, careful to a fault and most courteous. He deposited the palleted machine in precisely the spot where I needed it to go. Set up was a breeze, but the head of the machine is very HEAVY so for that part you need strong assistance. I have decades of experience in sewing on domestic machines so for me the learning curve of the machine was swift and smooth. I had only one issue/question following delivery and setup. Steve returned my call promptly and resolved my issue efficiently and promptly. I was up and running in no time at all and this Cobra 4 has been a great asset to my business. My entire career prior to retirement and venturing into letherworking, was in sales and customer service so I am extra "tuned in" to the level of service I recieve from various companies with which I have transactions. With out a doubt, my transaction to purchase the Cobra 4 was outstanding! I am confident that should I have any problems, questions or issues with my machine, Steve and his staff will be there to assist me in resolving whatever may go wrong. So far, in a year and a half I have had no issues with my Cobra 4. How can you top this kind of service? You can not! It is simply the BEST! Satisfied customer, Viking Queen
  10. Tallbald, Best of luck with that new machine. I think you will enjoy it very ,much and it will make constructing your projects so very much easier than hand sewing. I know you from another forum and know with your previous sewing experience you will have little trouble adapting to your Cowboy machine. Last year I purchased a machine similar to the one you did, but from another vendor on this site. It has been amazing. Enjoy your machine as much as I do mine! Just don't sew your fingers together with this powerful new toy! Viking Queen
  11. What you are looking for is called a martingale chain. The style of collar pictured in your post is a martingale collar. You can purchase the chains already configured with the three rings attached. Many suppliers are out there on the internet. Here is a link to what you need. I have not purchased anything from this source, but hopefully this information will lead you in the right direction for what you need. Best of luck, and show a finished collar to us when you get one completed. Viking Queen
  12. Old time furriers who make garments from fur used single edge razor blades to carefully slice through the hide, flesh side, leaving the fur intact. I have done the same when remaking an old fur coat. Best of luck, go slowly and with great care. Viking Queen
  13. Go to your local pet store, Walmart or Target store and buy a large bag of cat litter that is made of corn cobs. I know that both Target and Walmart carry this and it would be less expensive than at a pet store. Do not use clay type cat litter as it will create a gummy mess that you might never get off the bag. Take a cardboard box or plastic bin just large enough to contain the bag. Pour litter into the container about 2 inches deep, fill the entire bag with the litter, put the filled bag into the box and fill up the box to bury the bag completely. Leave it there a few days to have litter absorb the excess oil. Dig out bag pour out litter, stir up litter, refill the bag and bury it again. Do this every couple of days for about a week and you should have most of the excess oil out of the leather. Empty out the bag, vacuum out the bag and buff off any excess litter, if there is any. The used litter, since it is just corn cobs, can go into compost. Best of luck, Viking Queen
  14. Welcome, Your work is stunning and quite unique. I hope you will share more in the future. Viking Queen
  15. Beautiful work on the holster. Derringer is a cutie too. (I know, guns aren't supposed to be "cute" but this one is) I'm sure your Dad appreciates both very much. I'm so very sorry to hear about the shop loss. It's always a learning experience when one goes through a situation such as this. I hope you are able to rebuild quickly and get back to leatherworking. Now, I must go out and buy a FIRE EXTINGUISHER, for my shop! Never quite thought about one before this post. Yeesh! Take care, and once again, I'm sorry you're going through this. Sob away, it sure can help make you feel better. Blessings, Viking Queen