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  1. Yes, yes, she is lucky :-)
  2. Hi All this is my first project notebook cover. I used rose pattern from Al Stohlman. Leather 3,5 mm and 2 mm thick. Colorant is Eco-Flo Gel Antique Black, and alcohol dye from my local producer. Photo black is terrible, but it is gift for my girlfriend, which i gave last week...
  3. Seat For Motorcycle

    Nice seat, nice bike :-)
  4. My Saddle Attempts

    Very nice job ! Previous saddle is best.
  5. Lk - Czech Republic

    Hi Lukasi, welcome to this forum. Nice work.
  6. Futrál Na Kytaru

    I'm sorry: Hats off Honzo, great work .....
  7. Futrál Na Kytaru

    Klobouk dolů Honzo, kus práce.
  8. Tandy Downloadable Patterns

    Hello file in sheets are for small or large print. The tape works, but it is better to large print. Ask around for printing large format black and white. I pay $ 2.5 for format A0.