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  1. very solid construction
  2. Long time not posting.... this is a knife sheath with stamping and hand stitch using tiger thread 0.8mm... any C&C are welcome.
  3. Centering Thread

    thanks all for your response, I really appreciate all feedback. I'm using new ORGAN 7x4NW(Yx3LL) that been provided with my cobra 4. I have no issue like this before with same combination. its was stitching nicely. I tried to use #23 and I got stair look stitches which I don't like in long harness straps. you can see in the attached photo an old harness strap I stitched with #24 and #207. thanks again all.
  4. Centering Thread

    I have cobra 4 and I have sewing lot of horse harness nicely. but now the thread is not in the center of holes, its been pulled to the right?!!!any advice is appreciated, noted that I have not changed thread size or the needle size, I use #24 with bounded nylon #207.
  5. I only get my leather from them, and IMHO they are the best I live in far east,and they never late to deliver the hides and they always send me the best without choosing the hides by my self.
  6. I jut get a new juki du 1181n, can anyone recommend me a servo motor instead of clutch motor that comes with? Also, what is the biggest needle and thread size can it takes? Thanks in advance...
  7. Quran

    Nice work.. But what is Quran?
  8. Knife Roll Leather Thickness

    3-4 oz and no need for lining, only tan kot and buffing
  9. Leather Photo Album

    i did one with two layers of 5-6oz and lining of 2-3oz. i use stiffener I get from tandy store
  10. I do all my collars using 9oz harness leather with 3-4oz veg tan for decoration....
  11. 10-12Oz Latigo / Bridle Bellies...

    I made dog collars from english bridle or harness and I lines them with 3-4oz latigo.
  12. Sewing Sideways For Arrow Quivers?

    I did one before using butt joint...but it needs practice... you can refer to Al Stohlman book the Art of Hand sewing
  13. Stabbing Awl Through Mitered Corners...

    when I did miter joint I stab my awl into beeswax first, it helps reduce the friction... also make sure you have sharp awl. here is a picture of miter joint
  14. Cutting Circles

    i'm using this monster, it OLFA
  15. Impossible Color

    I have achived this color in one of my gun belts... its black+saddle tan