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  1. 29k2 on auction

    I have a 29k51, I have it working good. So as I said its the table and stand that are possibly interesting. I have seen a few on here that admired others original cast stands, and the original tables seem rather rare. That is why I said that the head is well worn I am wondering what some of you think those things would be worth if you had a chance like this. I know that making it sew well is a crap shoot. I did get my 29k51 making stitches 5 to the inch. Or very close. But this one may very well be beyond fixing the way I did my 51. If the gears are done. No matter how well I happen to get the stitch length it will not sew good. Thinking possibly screws ( my 51 is missing a couple ) and maybe parts that someone needs that are broken or missing on theirs from the head.
  2. 29k2 on auction

    There is a Singer 29k2 coming up on a sale in 2 days. I looked at it and as was expected it is well worn, But the seller says it sewed right up until he broke the last needle. Interesting things about it are, original cast iron treadle stand, original wood flat bed conversion table like seen it old singer books. Table is in very good condition for the age. I am hoping I can get some opinions as to what some of you might consider paying if you had a chance at one like this. If I were to buy it if it could not be made to sew decently I might part it out or sell head as is, ( for parts ) and table and stand separately. According to web site by serial number it was made in 1919 July to December, Clydebank Scotland.
  3. Help choosing first machine

    Just a comment from my experience. When I was looking for my machine Leightons price was twice what it cost me to by and ship my machine from Toledo ( Cowboy 4500 ) and I got all the optional plates feet etc. included. So you might also better check Techsew and Toledo at top of page. Was talking to somebody recently that said they know Leighton and was told they are out of business.
  4. Glad my suggestion helped, Sometimes simple is all it takes.
  5. Clicker, Have you heard of it?

    Thank you for your info. I just ( 15 minutes ago ) found that I can get rotary phase converters near here. I will go to them and see what they can supply. The good part is to deal face to face. The price we got on the phone is $ 515.00 for 3 hp. which sounds good. This is not a hurry up deal I am working at it as I have time.
  6. Why you don't buy the cheap stamping set on Amazon...

    Why not just make your own as I have done. Or if you do not have a lathe a friend can make strap end punches in a few minutes for you. The cheapest ones I found were $65.00 each it took me about an hour to make 3. And the $65.00 ones were likely no better than the tolls this person bought.
  7. How to properly cut leather strips?

    Get a proper draw gauge and a bit of practice, with my Osborne's I can run down 8 feet of hide with no problem. Wood warps with changing humidity and may not run true. Any wood one I have seen are a poor tool compared to a steel one, even the aluminum ones are nothing compared to a good steel one.
  8. Just a guess but MAYBE you put the bobbin in the bobbin case the wrong way. the thread coming off the bobbin clockwise when it should be counter or visa versa. Turn it over and try again
  9. Top thread breaking/fraying

    Had a similar case with my CB 4500 just loosen the screw that holds the foot on and turn it so the needle goes down the middle of the hole so it does not cut the thread between the needle and the foot.
  10. Clicker, Have you heard of it?

    Thank you both for your advise. I will have to do some more research it sounds like an inverter might be the right thing for me. I have talked to 2 electricians and it neither offered any solution but a rotary phase converter at about $1800.00. I guess I might have to talk to one who does more work with 3 phase and high voltage. The book with the wiring diagram was supposed to be included in the deal but now she keeps telling( ITS HERE) but she can't find it. With the book it would be a lot easier to know how I can set it up. I have found what are called STATIC phase converters on the internet for as little as $69.00 that are for motors 3-5 hp. ( mine is 2 hp. ) but need to know for sure they are the right thing for this job.
  11. Larger Stiching Awl?

    I've never seen a jerk needle. So I use what works for me.
  12. Larger Stiching Awl?

    For doing repairs there are places you can NOT use a second needle, such as sewing inside a loop for a trace on harness and the lock stitch awl WILL go in from one side and let you replace stitches that let go by putting the thread through the loop it creates. So YES it has its place but it does not replace a good sewing machine.
  13. Priceing clicker dies

    Thank you Trox!!! What I have seem to be for vests, biker belt, likely some for saddle parts. Some I still have to identify. What I am wondering is would there be anyway that using the length of steel used to make the die as a way of estimating its value. For example if one has a meter of steel ( cutting edge ) in it would that mean it would be worth twice as much as one that has 1/2 a meter in it? I do think that the more bends to create the shape would make it worth a bit more.
  14. Industrial speed reducer gearbox

    Bob is right. I have taken one out of a OLD clothes dryer and used it on my Adler 20-2 for 30 years. It has just a bushing not a bearing but a few drops of motor oil once in a while has kept it going. The catch is it seems the dryer has to be OLD, OLD, OLD, to have them but the price is good. FREE.
  15. Clicker, Have you heard of it?

    SORRY my mistake I was thinking one thing and typed another.! It is 220 3 phase. I will have to have an electrician check out more of the wiring to see if it will need to be changed. The guy here today did not have time to check all the wiring as to what voltage it uses going to other parts. from the transformer that is shown in the book.