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  1. My solution for thread ( black for instance ) that doesn't do well on top is to use it on the bottom ( bobbin ) it has worked for me.
  2. If you are making harness you WILL have to go over 3/8 thick. Cowboy 4500 will do what you need.
  3. Can anyone recognise the model please

    You didn't miss out on much. I have worked on the neighbors 31-15 and while its a good machine for cloth which I believe it is meant for ( sews through heavy denim ) it is near useless for leather it will not feed it because it is only bottom feed. If it does feed it by the time you go a few inches the bottom leather is stretched so when you get to the end the bottom is longer then the top.
  4. Pearson #6 photos needed

    I contacted Aron Martin and was told they rethread those places. So ordering from there will not help. They want you to buy THIER feet and edge guides that are rethreaded and the bolts to hold them on. I would prefer to keep this one original. So if anyone can tell me the thread and size I might be able to find them. I have whitworth. metric and unc thread gauges and non seem to fit. Whitworth are 55 degree with a round top whereas unc and metric are 60 degree with a flat top according to my hours of searching the internet. Have any of you rethreaded your machines? And what thread pitch did you use to not ruin the holes and have to redrill and thread a bigger size.
  5. Has this ever been done?

    I am not thinking of using that kind of setup. Unless they already were out there. Was just curious if it had even been done before servos and all this more modern tech became available. And Bob I ran an old Massey combine many hours too. That was one of the things that made me wonder if it had been done on a small enough scale for a sewing machine. With the controlled pulley on the motor shaft and the spring loaded one on the machine or mounted on like speed reducers are now.
  6. NO, the shaft is not extended it is that way for if or when you put the flywheel from the front to the side as some do. And for the shuttle area it is likely worn so as to break the shuttle as that one is. I have seen them that way. And it seems the opinion on this forum is that gears for the shuttle drive are no longer possible to get in good condition. Sorry to be giving negative opinions but from my experience and reading this site that seems to be the way it is.
  7. I am wondering if any person or company ever put a variable speed on a sewing machine? Like the ones on machinery used to be,( now most are hydrostatic) where the driven pulley was spring loaded and the drive one had a means of pushing the outside flange in so the pulley narrowed and the belt rode farther out as the belt was pulled in on the driven pulley. Thus changing speed. That way you would have variable speed even with a constant motor speed.
  8. Pearson #6 photos needed

    I thought I would put this here since others might be looking for the same info. Could some of you pearson owners please tell me the size and thread the bolts are to hold an edge guide onto these machines. I took a bolt from the needle steady to try and it is the same size and thread. So I took it to 2 different places to try to get bolts, both sold me bolts they said were right but when I got home they do not go in. The thread is slightly different. Arron martin does not list those bolts separately and postage would likely be more than the bolts. So would like to buy closer.
  9. Canvas and Leather Sewing Machine

    Now I am going to throw out something that might help IF you could find one. I have an Adler 20-2 large flat bed machine. And looking at the link you added I believe it would do all you need to do. I have sewn from 2 ply denim to 7/8 inches of leather without changing feet or feed dog. with from 206 thread up to 346. In Canada they were used in the military for making everything from parachutes to harness. They have a wide range of feet both smooth and toothed. I have made harness on it as well as patching jeans and everything in between. This machine is for sale but distance will most likely make buying it not an option. Only selling it because I have now a cowboy 4500 and just bought a pearson # 6. I don't really need 8 machines for what I do.
  10. Pearson #6 photos needed

    Yes that is close to what I was thinking only mine will likely drive with a belt rather then gears. Unless I make it electric. Still thinking. Today I am getting it cleaned up. I think I got lucky there seems to be almost no wear noticeable on it. Might be a few more days before I get at making the winder.
  11. Pearson #6 photos needed

    Thank you for your responses about bobbin winders. I think you are all right. I have been thinking the same things. As for my plans for bobbin winder I have not yet got to actually making it but will share when I do get at it. At the moment I am thinking about using parts from a winder that is used for a hundred plus year old sock knitting machine. I have several . I actually have several ideas I am thinking of so depends which one I get at first. Maybe I can trade pictures of my bobbin winder design for close up pictures of your machine heads. I think there may be attachments for this one that I don't have but could make if I had pictures.
  12. Pearson #6 photos needed

    I just bought mine yesterday. And it has the all cast stand like the one you have complete with the flywheel and pedals. Only thing missing is the leather belt which I intend to make. Will be a few days before I have it up and running since it needs a good cleaning. It is also missing the bobbin winder. Anyone care to guess why it seems so many of these machines get sold without the bobbin winders. What would the seller keep them for if the sell the machine? I already have an idea how I intend to make a bobbin winder.
  13. Have done some looking and can't find whether a 29k73 is long or short arm and would like to know about when that model was made. Also are any parts available either good used or after market. ( copies )
  14. Singer 29-4

    Thanks for your answers. A friend and I have found a 29-4 patcher that we wondered about. But now it seems the seller wants way to much. She had said we can make a deal and then set a minimum of $ 750.00 for a machine that likely won't work and has parts missing. So likely will pass on it unless she gets much more reasonable its a no go. Saw one sell a year ago for $100.00.
  15. Singer 29-4

    Hi S N , As for using WD40 it likely won't hurt but I recently found that what really worked for me to loosen up tiny rusted parts was john deere hytran low viscosity. Its a hydraulic oil and it seemed to get in and loosen up the latches on antique sock knitting machine needles so it would likely do a good job on other stuff that is not as delicate too.