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  1. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    I've noticed the Dense one is very thick and it dries up too fast in the small plastic bottle cap where I put a bit of paint. I like the fact it dries fast on the leather though. Maybe I am too slow in applying the paint So I'm using the semi-dense one, with light sanding, 1 or 2 coats but I've noticed a big difference makes the colorless Extra Matte Topcoat, smoothing everything.
  2. First time using edge paint from Giardini

    I also prefer the Giardini 'Maxmatt' Semi-Dense Edge Paint and an Extra Matte Topcoat, colorless. The dense edge paint can be thinned with a bit of water. I've found info about edge dyeing process using Giardini products on their website:
  3. How to make leather look like brass

    Another product is 'AMACO Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish', finished with a clear coat (otherwise it does rub off constantly). 'Angelus' acrylic leather paint has also metallic look but comes in bronze, not brass:
  4. Zipper placement

    Thank you for the photos, Brian! Found also this video:
  5. Zipper placement

    I also want to find out. I've seen those sewing machine zipper feet I want to order: Seamstick Double-Sided Basting Tape is, of course, very useful in attaching parts together.
  6. This link is to a seller catalog, there are many models of V1000, seems you should ask about: 'VZAB0P4BAA'. I also have a V1000 (see the one in the photo) that transforms one phase 220V electricity into three phase’s 220V electricity. Mine was bought used for about 50 Euros. Brand new could be expensive. If you go with VFD solution I recommend to have someone authorized doing the wiring.
  7. Don't feel like that: my husband needed very long time to learn this because of his hobby. If you don't feel comfortable with this solution, you can always use an out-of-the box solution: a servo motor. I prefer the VFD because we think the 3 phase motor has better torque at low speed. Looks like the one from your last link would work for your application, even though I prefer a well-known brand name for this. Found this one for example on eBay Germany:
  8. I don't think I would use this one: I cannot see the output ('3 Phase') and also variable voltage and frequency so I would not buy it.. Usually, on the VFD should be precisely written the input and output number of phases and voltage. Output voltage should vary from zero to maximum (240V in our case) and a variable frequency from zero to maximum value (in my case in the picture attached is 400 Hz). The one you linked has way too much power for your application i.m.o. On your motor nameplate I can see 220 Volts 1,7 Amps so this would be necessary for the nominal power. I think in your case a 0,75 kW VFD would be enough (like in my case also). I've bought a Japanese Yaskawa VFD from in used (like new) condition.
  9. @VinculusThe way I see the things is: with a capacitor you are using just one phase instead of three, so you have roughly 1/3 of the power coming to the motor. Using a variable frequency drive even with an old clutch motor works perfect for me. I have that installed for years on a leather sewing machine (sewing at low speed most of the time) and never had any over-heating issues. But if you are not a trained electrician you can ask one for help.
  10. Thank you so much for the answers! I had no idea how those are made, I just thought it's a slow acting glue, to give time for shaping. I am going to try with different types of leather and post the results here.
  11. I was wondering what are the materials and what is the technique used to make something like this. Any ideas? (the example photos are from Pinterest) Thank you!
  12. Bag terminology help?

    'Double pouch bag/purse' or 'Accordion double clutch purse' or 'Fold over double zip purse' @RockyAussie Briaaan!