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  1. I hope so too Your skiver works so smooth!
  2. Thank you very much Brian for posting this!!!
  3. You can try using a top finish like super shene first (as a resist), let it dry and apply the antique gel after that (and buff when dry, apply a top finish). Depending on the color of the antique gel it won't darken the leather too much, and will apply more evenly after super sheen (and still enhance the tooling impressions). I am using Tan color of antique gel (closer to the color of the leather). I always test first (on a piece of the same leather batch).
  4. Thanks a lot Brian for a valuable tip! I applied this on a few slotted holes and works amazing!
  5. I think Aussie is pretty good as a conditioner and a finish, has beeswax, also makes the leather more supple. Requires buffing. Some people use both Aussie and super sheen. I would make some tests first on leather scraps.
  6. Hello and welcome to the LW Forum! A few suppliers in Germany: also Bear gallery by René Berends (BTW: if I were in Austria I would attend one of René's workshops if still available)
  7. I think those are not bubbles, those are depressions (optical illusion). Done with a Pear-Shader (tilted) or similar stamp maybe.
  8. Just a guess reg. the blue squared bag: Supposing the bottom is attached last (you cannot see clear in the picture if there is a stitching at the bottom on the gusset) Through that hole, in theory, a Patcher can stitch in all directions but it doesn't produce such nice stitching... Zipper is previously sewn to the gusset. I'm curious to read other opinions.
  9. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. gottaknow


      Well thank you!

  10. Could be: never tried that, seems more difficult to stop with sanding at one specific layer using sandpaper. Wiping leaves some marks also. You can try both, please post the result.
  11. I use similar background/matting tool for 'pebbled' impressions: mine are 'Hide Crafter' brand (PA003,4,5). I would guess among other techniques used here (resisting, antiquing) is also something like this: a piece of cloth wrapped on a small wood block, dip one side in dye (water based or other), remove the excess. Wipe some areas with this (only the top layer will be colored). (I am talking about the first photo, the brown on the black wallet).
  12. Very cool! Looks very durable. What kind of leather is this?
  13. THAT was a cold winter and it's not over yet. It seems Dracula is messing with us lately... EDIT: Where are you from (originally)? Just noticed your name on Etsy. Cool stuff BTW!