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  1. Go Molly! My clicker press is similar, but uses hydraulic (bottle) jack and return springs. I think your design is better because the scissor jack is acting both ways (up and down) and you have more flexibility (bigger range). Thanks for sharing!
  2. cheap skiving foot for folding

    I like this video, exploring multiple skiving possibilities. The mini sheet metal bending machine is just an idea: it needs adapting, removing one plate.
  3. cheap skiving foot for folding

    It looks like a good idea. I think it looks similar with the one in this video (at 0:32): Something like this could also be adapted to work for edge folding and is not very big:ür-Blech-Blechbiegemaschine/322532466273
  4. Sieht ganz toll aus! Well done!!!
  5. Have you tried Fiebing's Deglazer? In the picture looks like it works only on the grain side. It's easier to buy blank leather (natural, not finished).
  6. Not Receiving Notifications

    'Glitch': right! That's the word I was looking for, thanks!
  7. How to do a darker border?

    Cannot tell from the pictures if there is also a fine beveling along the darker border. I also think overall color comes first (light color), then the darker border (and buffing when dry, apply a finish etc.). Another possibility is dying just the darker border and applying an overall antique (in the lighter color). But considering how even the coloring is: a couple of coats of finish might have been used prior to the antique (or no antique at all).
  8. Not Receiving Notifications

    Yes, I've checked, thank you! It was just a temporary problem with the website sending the e-mail notification: I've received all the emails at once a few days later. Now it's okay.
  9. WHAT THE @!@#!#~!

    No, sorry!
  10. Satchel

    Very well done, nice design! I like how the gusset is attached to the bag, also the decorative buckles idea.
  11. You can use a flatbed attachment on a cylinder arm machine. It is easy to attach and you have both options in one machine.
  12. First Sheridan Drawing

    Nice design! There is an instructional DVD: "Drawing Sheridan Style Patterns" by Chan J Geer that I've found very helpful.
  13. Olive oíl as a finish

    I have heard of people using olive oil instead of neatsfoot oil but not as a finish (prior to finishing).
  14. Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    Just a thought: Kingsley hot foil stamping machines operates around 200-250°C. Heat is set according to the material to be marked, marking time, foil. I have an 'Automator (Lyon)' machine, max heat is 300°C. A higher temperature requires a lower time of contact and vice versa. Sorry: don't know if 130 °C would work for any type of foil. Do you have the chance to test it?
  15. Fortuna Skiver

    I've found a pdf but is not complete, scans are slanted and it's in German. Too big to send (2,4MB) but I can email it if you think is good. A few screenshot samples: