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  1. No, but I've tried BISON KIT 250ml: contact adhesive, universal, super strong; the one that specifies also 'leather' at 'Applications'. Is available at Hornbach stores. Thank you: I will test this one also.
  2. Very nice card case! I've used Renia Top Fit and seems to me a very good/versatile glue. I haven't tried this one yet: Renia rubber adhesive (Renia Gummilösung "Extra")
  3. I like the cross strips idea for the flat-bed attachments. Beautiful machines!!
  4. Skiving

    I didn't watch that video, but I think he might glue something on this edge (a rolled edge, maybe) and this helps to glue it better (sticks together better than the grain side of leather).
  5. My knives dull right after sharpening!

    LW user @gmace99 has useful videos regarding sharpening. For example this one, at the minute 1:12. I think the key for a longer lasting edge is stropping and polishing using a mix like in this video. You can also use a ready-made 'sharpening paste' ('honing compound') and a wool felt sharpening and polishing wheel (motorized). Making a device to keep the sharpening angle constant might also help.
  6. Kwokhing binder attachment

    I think you will get more answers if you post the question under 'Fabrication' / 'Leather Sewing Machines' section of the Forum. maybe a moderator can move it...
  7. Thank you for sharing the tutorial and pattern!
  8. Please Help FAV AV2 Skiver

    Excellent looking bags! You're welcome! Hope Brian (RockyAussie) will step in and help some more.
  9. Please Help FAV AV2 Skiver

    Hi Sonya, We are not in the US anymore. I am not very experienced with the skiver, only recently acquired a used one (very old model) and now is working fine. With mine I've noticed: almost more important than the adjustments is the sharpening. My husband is sharpening the knife very well and checking the result with a magnifier glass. We've learned about the sharpening from @RockyAussie: "After sharpening very well and deburring you can use a leather that skives nicely and very slowly feed it through. This is a bit like stropping and helps to take away the fine rough edge. This also makes the edge last longer"
  10. Lucinda

    Awesome work!! What stamp are you using for the scales?
  11. Please Help FAV AV2 Skiver

    You're welcome! I hope it will work out fine Other ideas: Using a roller foot instead of a standard one. Check the stone: for very soft leathers should be fine grit (and not very coarse). Check the adjustments once again (according to the leather thickness). Feed wheel tension should be softer for softer leather. Feed wheel should be set parallel to the knife. One more video (very useful):
  12. Please Help FAV AV2 Skiver

    Is the knife sharp and the edge deburred? It worked last week with the same adjustment and the same leather? Sometimes the knife may seem sharp but it is not sharp enough: the edge should be very well polished. I've learned from @Trox: If the leather is very delicate you can try using some blue masking tape on the grain side of the leather to make it strong enough to be run through.
  13. Great work! What machine did you use for sewing? You removed the belt tab on the back-side?
  14. Go Molly! My clicker press is similar, but uses hydraulic (bottle) jack and return springs. I think your design is better because the scissor jack is acting both ways (up and down) and you have more flexibility (bigger range). Thanks for sharing!
  15. cheap skiving foot for folding

    I like this video, exploring multiple skiving possibilities. The mini sheet metal bending machine is just an idea: it needs adapting, removing one plate.