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  1. Thanks a lot for all your help! Doesn't matter who motorized it, skiving machine it's up and running: you did a great job restoring it!!
  2. Servus! Best of luck!
  3. Hi Adam, Depends on your budget: I would prefer a used Fortuna, FAV, Atom, Nippy with vacuum over a new Chinese machine.
  4. The rod I've ordered was too short and it's made of quite soft metal, not really hardened steel. LW user @Constabulary who did an amazing job restoring my skiving machine, was cutting the rod, glued and pinned on a tube to extend it: not symmetric but otherwise it could come in touch with the bell knife. Maybe you can find the right size part for your machine. The one I've order had 9,3 cm total length. But before ordering I would follow Brian's advise, he has a lot of experience with the skivers, helped with mine too.
  5. I have no idea if this is the only cause for the wobble but you can try replacing it (costs about 6,5 Euro+shipping). I also bought an old skiver and mine was missing this part ('roller driving shaft joint'), found one in Poland (was a bit shorter but adapted): What brand/model is your skiver machine?
  6. Me too. And also a lot of delayed email-notifications for PM arrived today.
  7. @shedhunter is the horse-head carved? how is colored? one more idea: a shoulder strap from the front left upper corner area to the opposite corner on the back side (right upper corner). another one (doesn't quite fit with the design but... just an idea.. where handles become a strap, 'closing' the bag in the same time):
  8. Very nice purse!! Where would you prefer to attach the strap? on the side gussets?
  9. @gmace99 I subscribed to both channels: thanks for sharing! Very nice bag Kieran, well done!
  10. I don't receive email notifications for PM anymore (since a couple of weeks ago). Notifications settings looks okay. Sometimes I receive an email for a PM (randomly). Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Thank you very much for posting the videos! What is used for buffing on each side of the wood piece? One side is leather, and on the other side? (sorry, I didn't understand)
  12. You can also try to 'pinch'-glue the corner's 2 sides together and cut at once (using a scissors), like in this picture. I skived the edge with a 'Safety Beveler' from Tandy
  13. I hope so too Your skiver works so smooth!
  14. Thank you very much Brian for posting this!!!
  15. You can try using a top finish like super shene first (as a resist), let it dry and apply the antique gel after that (and buff when dry, apply a top finish). Depending on the color of the antique gel it won't darken the leather too much, and will apply more evenly after super sheen (and still enhance the tooling impressions). I am using Tan color of antique gel (closer to the color of the leather). I always test first (on a piece of the same leather batch).