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  1. Olive oíl as a finish

    I have heard of people using olive oil instead of neatsfoot oil but not as a finish (prior to finishing).
  2. Hot Foil Stamping Machine

    Just a thought: Kingsley hot foil stamping machines operates around 200-250°C. Heat is set according to the material to be marked, marking time, foil. I have an 'Automator (Lyon)' machine, max heat is 300°C. A higher temperature requires a lower time of contact and vice versa. Sorry: don't know if 130 °C would work for any type of foil. Do you have the chance to test it?
  3. Fortuna Skiver

    I've found a pdf but is not complete, scans are slanted and it's in German. Too big to send (2,4MB) but I can email it if you think is good. A few screenshot samples:
  4. Fortuna Skiver

    Whatever it is you're looking for - you don't need it: my 'prehistoric' skiver doesn't have it and works just fine ***kidding (Mine has only a gear, the bell knife and the feeding stone)
  5. Fortuna Skiver

    Now I see what you mean: the knife cover is missing on my skiver too. FORTUNAtely still have all my fingers . Hope you can find a used original part.
  6. Fortuna Skiver

    Take your blue pills and put your helmet on Something like this?
  7. Rock and Roll Guitar Strap

    Very cool, I’ve never seen anything like this, amazing talent and skill!
  8. Steel Rule Bender For Sale

    Where can you buy rule die steel (pre-sharpened)? Thank you!
  9. Giardini has a user guide on their website but you need to register in order to download it:
  10. I think some edge finishes work best on veg-tan, while others are meant for chrome-leathers. I don't know if any of those brands are suited for all types of leather.
  11. Need help with an idea

    Very nice bag: love the way the skin pattern is used in the design (different scales sizes)! Are you using a 'buttonhole chisel punch' when punching the holes for the studs?
  12. Needle sticks in leather

    Also using Titanium coated needles might help: (Groz-Beckert GEBEDUR LR or Schmetz LR TN). I'm using mostly Gebedur and I'm very happy with those.
  13. Safety beveler vs a spokeshave

    I worked with Tandy safety beveler for skiving veg-tanned leather edge and it performed great! But I only use the original replacement blades - they don't last very long (don't think it works with razor blades, tried once). Some people use a little leather plane, or a paring knife, or paring device, depends what you need to do.
  14. How is this done?

    I think his username is: 'arbalet12'