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  1. Gary, tried to send you an e-mail, I don't know if we missed the connection somehow but I'd still like to buy the flower centers. The yahoo e-mail address doesn't seem to work.
  2. Photo Album In Progress

    Thanks Doug, the borders really burnished heavily on this leather but they appear darker in this photo than they really are. I didn't use any dye, just oil, resist, and antique. It really makes sense to put more layers of resist on the borders, I will try that on the next one.
  3. I hope I've got this photo posting thing figured out. Critiques welcome and encouraged on this photo album I am working on. Thanks for looking.
  4. How to post pictures on LW

    trying to figure out this picture posting thing
  5. I will take the flower centers that you have left.
  6. Cobra 4 In Austin, Tx?

    not very close but if you happen to be near Cleburne, you're welcome to use mine.
  7. Rings Blue Guns For Sale

    I will take the Sig 250 if it's still available. PM sent.
  8. For The Wichita Falls Tx Show!

    another satisfied customer here Knipper. I couldn't wait to get home from Wichita Falls and cut some leather and the difference between your knife and my old knife is amazing. Thanks for a great knife Steve
  9. Head Knife Handle Replacement? What Would You Do?

    If the cracks in the handle are not too wide, they can be filled and the repair will barely be noticeable. Get some 220 or 320 grit sandpaper and sand the handle and let the sanding dust fill in the cracks. Then get some thin super glue (zap is a good brand) and put some on the cracks and sand some more while the glue is wet. The glue and sanding dust will mix and fill in the cracks so well that they will be hard to see. I have used this method on rosewood and cocobolo game calls and it works very well. Just keep repeating the process until the cracks are completely filled. The glue will also keep the wood from re-cracking.You might want to finish sand using some 400 or 600 grit sandpaper depending on how smooth you want the finish.
  10. Dummy Guns For Sale (Out Of Business)

    I will take the glock 19 and the Smith and Wesson M&P 40. Will send you an e-mail.
  11. Filigree Work

    You might check at your Harbor Freight store. They usually carry a very inexpensive set of small wood carving tools that have various profiles that work welll for filligree work. I know they have a half round, a v shape and a straight blade that is small enough to get in the tight places. The quality isn't the greatest but for leather, they work very well.
  12. Misc. Leathercraft Items

    I will take group 8 if it is still available. I will call tomorrow to make payment arrangements.