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    Refining my saddle work and carving
  1. Sewing machine with binding attachment

    Thanks all for your replies. i have an older Consew model 18 flatbed with a walking foot that may be the ideal machine to get the attachment made for. I also have a Ferdco 2000 cylinder arm but i use it for chaps and saddle work. i will check them out for a custom made binder attachment. thanks, Tom
  2. My wife learned to hand build felt hats a few years ago and we have been collecting the blocks, hand tools, steamers, etc for a few years, but she still sews the edge bindings on by hand. Very tedious and time consuming. i know there is a machine out there that will precisely and easily sew that edge binding ribbon on the hat and think I have heard a Singer 108K20 may have been one of those machines. Does anyone have such a beast or any knowledge and experience? Thanks for the help. Tom Harrington
  3. Blood Knot

    Yes, Ron's Tools makes a pair, he calls them bleeder pliers. One edge is sharpened and a very sharp point that you use like a regular bleeder, but then you can pull the tip of the string back through the hole you just cut.
  4. Pancake Knife Case

    get an edger and some elbow grease on the edges, not bad beyond that.
  5. Saddle Tree Reference Points

    Keith, would you have a source for that laser?
  6. Any Quality Production Saddles?

    CO Saddlery hasn't built a quality saddle in 50 years
  7. Cocobolo Large Bow Rub Stick

    I'll take it at $75
  8. Randall Union Lockstitch Questions?

    Call Connie Naegle at Campbell-Randall in Texas. He rebuilt an old Randall for me and was a wealth of information. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend a week with him. Still learning about my machine. The company number is 800-327-9420.
  9. Needle For Tucking Cinch Cords

    Darin Alexander from artcords.com sells them.
  10. Selling Off The Contents Of My Saddlemaking Shop

    Where are you located? Where are you located? Can contact me at tharrington@montrose.net
  11. Selling Off The Contents Of My Saddlemaking Shop

    Definitely interested when you get your inventory together. Maybe all or part.
  12. How Do You Carve A Straight Line

    Practice, sharp swivel knife, well cased leather, couple miles of straight lines and you'll be better.
  13. Artisan 20" Randall Type Splitter Adjustment

    Thanks for your advice, Geneva. I am trying to get hold of a finer measuring device, micrometer or fine calipers maybe, as it is tough to get my steel ruler or tape in any consistent place between the rollers and consistently measure one point to another. It is splitting fairly consistent with the new, sharp blade installed, but depending on the piece of leather, it will still wad up with a wider piece now and then. Tom
  14. Not sure if this is the right forum to post in, but I bought a lightly used 20" Artisan splitter that was splitting uneven and would wad up the leather on a wider piece. I checked the blade, had a bad spot in it, put a brand new sharp blade in it and am trying to get it adjusted properly. I am getting close, I think, but still will have trouble on a wider piece. Seems to work best if I adjust the thickness to split off in smaller increments. Anyone out there have some expertise in these contraptions? I would like to be able to level wider pieces like fenders and ground seat pieces, just don't want to waste a big piece of expensive skirting. Thanks for the help. Tom
  15. Ladis #3 And A Singer 31-15 For Sale

    Steve Mason was looking for a Landis 3 about a month ago. I think he lost his whole shop to a fire this winter.