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  1. You got some wrinkles in your stirrup leather LOL just kidding looks real good great job
  2. Your painting is amazing may I ask what type of paint you use?
  3. They look way too nice for work Lol great job keep it up!
  4. Very nice keep up the good work Kings. Happy trails
  5. As always Bob you never disappoint. Keep it up and happy trails my friend
  6. Very nice job I think there should more videos out there to learn from. Too much is never enough keep up the good work.
  7. Does anyone know where I can find stencils in different style fonts and sizes for lettering on belts,wallets,notebook covers,etc.?
  8. Your drawings don't look to shabby just my 2 cents
  9. That's real nice i especially like the tooling pattern
  10. Thanks for the response i was thinking chinks were close but I've never made a pair its a favor for a buddy at least I've got a starting point.thank you much for the advice
  11. Does anyone have a pattern for a pair of farrier chaps and also a suggestion on what's the best materials to use? Thanks a bunch
  12. I tell ya those are really nice good job. Happy trails and happy holidays
  13. Very nice happy trails and happy holidays
  14. Lol mike that ain't right. Ed awsome piece congrats
  15. I thought it was really cool thanks for sharing