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  1. No, it is not just you, I would rather see them doing something besides smoking out side the building. I am not against smoking but like you I would rather see them doing something else.
  2. Thanks Buildersostuff for sharing.
  3. Welcome Pattern: You stumbled on the best leather working site on the internet IMHO. I been tooling leather for about 40 years and thought I knew a thing or two until I found this site, the knowledge and tips that have been shared with me is priceless. I was born in Union County and still have family there to visit as often as I can, beautiful country.
  4. Nice work.
  5. Try Texascustomdies.com, they advertise here as well, they can build you a die for your needs at a fair price with good turn around. You might have to sharpen the die to your liking. They claim very sharp but I did not find that to be totally accurate.
  6. I've owned one for over a year now, still learning myself but what do you need to know, I might be able to help. If not there are others on here who can definately help and I will be following.
  7. Give me a shout sometime, coffee it is.
  8. Congratulations, well deserved.
  9. Welcome Bubba 55 from a fellow Hoosier. Yeah that leather bug will get it and there is no cure. Where you located in Indiana, I'm close to Greenfield, IN?
  10. Ed Stiles made my maul, I understand he took over for the Bear Man.
  11. Finally received my maul, not real impressed at first look but I used it to tool a small project and immediately fell in love, it handles perfectly. Not real impressed with the delay but Mr. Stiles made that right as well. Well worth the wait.
  12. Ed is just now shipping my maul I ordered in November. Be patient he will get with you, from everything I hear the product is well worth the wait.
  13. Cannot wait to see pics
  14. Very nice job, inspires me to try. I believe I noticed what you would do different but I will not comment. I just do not think it right to complain about the MOna Lisa when I am still painting by numbers.