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  1. comparing machines

    I have a few questions on heavy stitchers. Is it safe to say that the Cobra 4 and the Cowboy CB4500 are the same machine? I know both fine men who own these respective companies are on this site, so not looking to pitch one against the other, just looking for comparisons.
  2. Gb2972 Welt Foot

    thanks, In theory I suppose you are right. however I have not had too much problems with that happening. As it is the only machine I have I sew all kinds of things on it. sometimes you have to watch and take your time.
  3. Gb2972 Welt Foot

    can anyone tell me if they make a welting foot for sewing piping on upholstery for shoe patcher model 29 family?
  4. I was wondering, can you use harness leather for a western style gun rig because of its color and quality of oils for outdoor use, or stick with the veg tan? thanks
  5. How Toxic Is Vinagaroon?

    https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/97885.htm I guess we should all be dead!
  6. I imagine with dissolved metal it is toxic to point. anyone know how toxic? how can it be disposed of properly? I'm not sure I want to dump it down the drain..i'm on a septic system .
  7. Cleaning/ Whitening Rawhide

    well Ok.. I'll answer my own question and help you leather heads out some. i found a product in a custom shoe store. Lincolns E-Z cleaner. Says it'll safely clean Suede, leather, buck, nu-buck, vinyl, linen, canvas, nylon, satin.. does not mention rawhide. it is a liquid, 8oz. for $6.00. I put some on a piece of sheep and rubbed in on. it will lather up some then I rubbed it off with a terry towel. It took some elbow grease but it brought the rawhide stirrups back to almost new and the horn was very bright. all in all i am very happy with the results. did not harm the raw hide at all.
  8. I saw a thread on this a while back but darn if I can find it. I have a billy cook saddle with a braided rawhide horn that at one time was white. it is rather dirty. is there a product or technique that can restore it to it's original beauty?
  9. Leather Lined Gun Box

    I would not put leather inside the case where it would contact the gun, unless it is for only a short time. Veg tan would be best, never chrome tanned as the chrome salts will affect the finish of the gun. Even letting a gun stay in a holster for long storage is a bad idea. Metal and leather just do not mix well over time. the one exception is if the gun is stainless steel. I would put the leather on the outside and felt or wool shearling on the inside.
  10. I was wanting to try the vinegroon, but the only vinegar I can find is diluted to 5 % with water. Is this the right stuff?
  11. thanks, I did not know to thin it. I'll give it a try.
  12. I have been using Fiebings resolene finish on saddles after cleaning. I use a damp sponge, but it is streaking. any tips on how to apply it without the streaks?
  13. Gb29K72 - Making Them Work!

    I'd like to add. I have one of these beasts. I never could get it to sew. then I discovered that the shuttle was not advancing completely. so I adjusted the linkage a little shorter so the shuttle completed it's intended path of travel, and suddenly all my problems went away! so now I actually look forward to sewing on it, when before I usually ended up cursing and throwing things.
  14. Shoe Patcher Thread Jam

    OMG! UPDATE: I just finished sewing my first job without any issues related to this topic! I was carefully observing the action and inter play of the shuttle/needle/thread. This was not easy as I was cycling the machine by hand with the needle plate partially open. I was jamming still. I noticed on the outside of the shuttle carrier there was a small adjusting screw and a knockout for it in the frame. the carrier was not advancing enough to adjust this screw. being somewhat intelligent and knowing machines have things for a reason, I shortened the throw of the actuating arm so that the carrier advanced enough to access this adjusting screw... Whal-laa.. I tested the machine on some scraps and it sewed without a hitch. I was making a seat cushion and sewed it up no problem! I am so relieved, I thought I was doomed forever. Now this mind you is after I spent $400.00 to have the machine timed, adjusted, and had parts replaced in the walking foot mechanism. I am very frustrated still with this very well known industrial distributor in Denver, Co. I just can not bring myself to purchase anything from them any more.. not thread, needles and certainly not a heavy stitcher. thanks guys, I hope my luck holds.