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  1. Help! Ruined my project during stitching!

    presser foot cure! find some oxygen tubing. the 1/8 inch clear tubing old folks use when on oxygen, cut a small section make a small slit on one side half way along the length so it can slide past the presser foot upright and glue on the foot. no more ugly marks on the leather.
  2. Leather weight for holster

    I'm not Mike, but I line my holsters with goat skin or the lightest calf skin I can find. it's a bit tricky to work with especially if you have a bend in the holster like a western style. a two piece holster sewn together is easier .
  3. "Freezing" dye colors

    Tandy sells a spray can called Leather Sheen. Sprays on nice does not run is semi gloss, is flexible. not cheap about $15.00 a can but does a great job. no more streaks or uneven dye.
  4. just curious, how did you redye the pocket and still keep the stitching bright white?
  5. I always worry about this, so I mold first let dry overnight then assemble glue, then dye, sew last, trim excess , finish edges
  6. First time working with JE Sedgwick Bridle Leather

    Pre dyed, I don't know. if you used an alcohol based dye then it is the dye drying out the leather. use lots of neetsfoot oil first and maybe even some water to loosen up leather before you bend. as for now all you can do is use some oil and try to conceal the damage.
  7. When case my veg tan leather it smells so nice. but by the time I case several times then dye, finish and polish, the piece looks great but the leather smell is gone and it smells like chemicals and glue! what to do to keep that great smell?
  8. Finishing/sealing The Back Of Hides

    the best way I have found is on belts holsters and such. I dye the leather first, then rub a very wettish bar of Glycerin saddle soap pressing hard to mat the fibers. polish it smooth with brown paper bag. let it dry then top it off with leather sheen spay. If I have a very bad cut of leather with long fibers, I'll use an open flame and singe being careful not to burn the good leather
  9. Cowboy CB-4500 waliking foot pressure

    thanks for the info, I'll call Bob about the spring. I guess sewing machines are just a necessary evil that make trades you have to live with. one trick I do is to put a small rubber tube, like an oxygen type tube on the presser foot. this keeps the marks from happening. Sometimes I'll see some leather piece that is sewn and wonder "how'd they do that without leaving a mark or crushing the tooling?" guess a lot to learn yet. UWE made me laugh when I read that weight lifting thing!
  10. Can you adjust the pressure of the walking foot itself? I know the presser foot is adjustable but sometimes when sewing 6-90z vegtan the walking foot leaves deep marks in the leather. especially if it is a little damp from casing. any ideas?
  11. comparing machines

    I have a few questions on heavy stitchers. Is it safe to say that the Cobra 4 and the Cowboy CB4500 are the same machine? I know both fine men who own these respective companies are on this site, so not looking to pitch one against the other, just looking for comparisons.
  12. Gb2972 Welt Foot

    thanks, In theory I suppose you are right. however I have not had too much problems with that happening. As it is the only machine I have I sew all kinds of things on it. sometimes you have to watch and take your time.
  13. Gb2972 Welt Foot

    can anyone tell me if they make a welting foot for sewing piping on upholstery for shoe patcher model 29 family?
  14. I was wondering, can you use harness leather for a western style gun rig because of its color and quality of oils for outdoor use, or stick with the veg tan? thanks
  15. How Toxic Is Vinagaroon?

    https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/97885.htm I guess we should all be dead!