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  1. interested in a lot of 20 bellies, 10 black, 10 latigo, how much with shipping to 81328 ?
  2. is this lot still available?
  3. I am looking for an automatic stapler, to use for making belt keepers, the one I used to use at another shop was operated by a foot pedal and a small electric motor.
  4. Are they shoes? I would try a little Meltonian shoe cream or Black Rock Leather N Rich before trying to dye them, and if you do dye them, you will most likely need to use Fiebings stripper to make sure the dye penetrates evenly. most dyed leather is coated with a sealer that needs to be removed first.
  5. how think of leather can it sew?
  6. our shop used a Jackmaster all in one, a compact and efficient line finisher, came with 2 burnishing wheels, 2 sanding wheels, a 4x42 sanding belt, a cutting wheel and 2 muslin wheels and a horsehair finishing wheel. I saw Cobra makes one similar, if you can get your hands one one similar, they are worth their weight in gold, not only for boot and shoe repair but regular leather work as well! once you get use to having one it is really hard to go without
  7. are any of these still available? interested in the lot.
  8. I also agree! I got a block similar to that, an unfinished gravestone. I set it into a free workbench I got and it was amazing!!!! if he will deliver at no charge, go for it!!
  9. I see. Well, depending on what the conchos are made of, I can re-braize the conchos missing the posts. You can send me better pictures over email. bowensleatherco(at)gmaildotcom
  10. is this lot still available?
  11. not sure if you are interested in shipping, I am in Colorado and can make your ranger belts, and if you post a picture of the knife I can probably fix that too.
  12. I redo concho belts all the time. Can you post a picture? or message me directly for my number.
  13. The Landis K shoe stitcher my associate Kelly learned on was called "La Beastia" It was a monster, a finger biter and a needle breaker... Kelly was convinced that my standing directly behind her and staring down " La Beastia" while threatening to cut her up into many pieces and sell her to the scrap metal factory allowed Kelly to safely stitch countless pairs of pointy toed Luchesses without a problem ... So I oblige d. The second Landis K Kelly stitched on was a honey of a stitcher, and appropriately named Buttercup. We had a crotchety old Singer 29 K patcher that we called Clementine, and so I would sing " My Darlin Clementine" each time I had to stitch something expensive. I believe all leather workers have such stories, what would be the fun otherwise???