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  1. Great work. Love the skull. I have been thinking about trying this. Do you use leather dye, or tattoo ink? Is it sealed, and how does it hold up?
  2. Thanks. You know I did do the edges on the veg tan ones. I went back and looked at the oil tanned one, and I must have forgot that step damn it.
  3. Finished up a few Valet trays for my sisters family. Black oil tanned with hair on cowhide. Dark British tan with hair on cowhide. Ox Blood with an embroidered denim insert that my sister did. https://www.snapfish.com/library/share?w=snapfish_us&c=snapfish&l=en_US#e4XNfL4Yg2e-gxr92YZIug/AUS/27941012564070/SNAPFISH
  4. Clip. She wanted simple. Sorry I don't have any more pics.
  5. Finished a holster for an M&P Shield. Oiled veg tan, with a little antique on the rose. I have only tooled a few things so kept it simple,
  6. Sorry. Nothing to show on the inside, just open space. The back has a large pocket as you can see in the first pic of the post.
  7. Finished the bag. Just need to make a shoulder strap.
  8. I've started on a messenger bag. Crazy horse pull up leather from Zack White.
  9. Finished up an avenger style holster for a Ruger LCP. Thanks to JLS leather for his write up on making the pattern.
  10. That is awesome. Does it change the sound?