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  1. al i am looking for a craftaid no.3970 has name on one side buck on other if you can help. i would like to c what you have THANKS

  2. nice job:You_Rock_Emoticon:
  3. snake belt 004.jpg

    From the album Rattle Snake Belt

    © ©

  4. thay look great ill bet thay love them
  5. jrc very good molding i like it
  6. glad to her you are doing better allways trust in god you cant go wrong

  7. i have lost my pattern for tandys shoulder holster stock number 4416 i have the instructions if somebody could help with pattern thanks i would return the faver
  8. i have lost my pattern to tandys stock number 4416 shoulder holster i have the instructions just need pattern if you can help. thanks
  9. i have lost my pattern for tandy stock no. 4416 shoulder holster i have the instructions. if somebody could help i appreciate it thanks.