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  1. A really productive hobby

    That is what I meant. Although rereading my sentence, it needs some more punctuation.
  2. A really productive hobby

    Nice work. As stated the welt is an integral part of a well made sheath. One of the things I do that I noticed you didn't is when I have a sharp angle cut into the leather such as where the keeper meets the belt holder and the slice in the bottom of the button hole is to punch a very small hole as a stop to prevent the leather from ripping under stress.
  3. First holster for 2018

    I finished this holster for a friend. One piece of leather and can be worn either left or right side. I used 6 ounce leather since he didn't want it to thick. It does a fine job of retaining the holster when worn on your side, but is easily drawn. I could be wrong but I feel like the secret to a good fit on a one piece holster is the gusset. Thin at the bottom and thicker at the top where the trigger guard butts up against it.
  4. New project, Woolly Chinks

    Wow! Just Wow.
  5. It looks very nice. I like the way you reversed the keeper for a right hand draw on a left side carry. I would have put the keeper next to the quillion so in the event of a fall the knife can't rise up in the sheath and plunge down through the back, especially when the sheath ages and the keeper is stretched out a bit. Also placing the keeper next to the sheath allows for an easier one motion draw.
  6. bikers vest

    good work. I like it.
  7. Tour My Leather Shop! Video

    Very nice. Good luck! I really like your kits.
  8. Here is a shooting bag made the other day. It is two formed pockets, one small and one large. It contains and compartmentalizes the blackpowder shooting components.
  9. Ring purse hardware

    I used macramé rings from a hobby store. Strong round and available in various sizes.
  10. Steaming Leather

    I would think you would run the risk of making Cuir Bouilli.
  11. Scout carry sheath

    What Mattsbagger said. I also will do stitching grooves on each side than pay attention to make sure your awl comes out in the backside stitching groove.
  12. looks great. I think you are fast moving beyond beginner. Your going to find that leatherwork is a constantly expanding journey for the craftsman. I only wanted to make knife sheaths. But when you have a knife sheath you need a belt. Then your Mom, wife, girlfriend etc. needs a bag. then you need a pouch and so it goes until you find yourself a leather craftsman on a journey without end with one more technique to learn on the next project.