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  1. Mjolnir

    I love it.
  2. Righty Buscadero

    I love it.
  3. More Archery Stuff

    I like it.
  4. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    Beautiful work. I looked at the first picture and thought, must be new to leatherwork. When I scrolled down I literally broke out laughing. I really like your design.
  5. Back quiver and matching arm guard

    Very very nice.
  6. Bible cover for the Wife

    Very nice.
  7. Like Gary I like the holsters but am not a fan of rivets. Somewhere on youtube is a video that shows the holding strength of rivets verses stitching. As I recall the rivets were no stronger than stitching. But it took a lot more force than you should ever encounter on normal holster use.
  8. First holster for 2018

    I am glad you like the look. I doubt if any holster is perfect for everyone. This one was based on Al Stohlman's designs in his holster book. A minimalist design but adequate. The gun is held tightly but comes into your hand easily. The trigger guard is enclosed but the design is such that the leather can not come in contact with the trigger itself. The one element of potential concern is that you can touch the trigger as you draw the revolver. However actually sticking your finger far enough into the guard as you draw to trigger an accidental discharge cannot be done inadvertently. If you have a small revolver and an adequate piece of leather, make one and try it out.
  9. Beautiful work. For me the beauty lies in the perfection of the work. Awesome molding, edges and construction.
  10. Backpack

    That is gorgeous. Use said the daubers tended to overdaub, although I think it looks great like that. A little trick I learned is to take a wool dauber and light it. Let it burn for a few seconds then use a paper towel and wipe off the burned part. It comes clean and then makes a great edge dyer. It will soak up the dye but when lightly pressed on your edges doesn't allow the edge to sink into the dauber and spread dye to the edges.
  11. A really productive hobby

    That is what I meant. Although rereading my sentence, it needs some more punctuation.
  12. A really productive hobby

    Nice work. As stated the welt is an integral part of a well made sheath. One of the things I do that I noticed you didn't is when I have a sharp angle cut into the leather such as where the keeper meets the belt holder and the slice in the bottom of the button hole is to punch a very small hole as a stop to prevent the leather from ripping under stress.
  13. I finished this holster for a friend. One piece of leather and can be worn either left or right side. I used 6 ounce leather since he didn't want it to thick. It does a fine job of retaining the holster when worn on your side, but is easily drawn. I could be wrong but I feel like the secret to a good fit on a one piece holster is the gusset. Thin at the bottom and thicker at the top where the trigger guard butts up against it.
  14. It looks very nice. I like the way you reversed the keeper for a right hand draw on a left side carry. I would have put the keeper next to the quillion so in the event of a fall the knife can't rise up in the sheath and plunge down through the back, especially when the sheath ages and the keeper is stretched out a bit. Also placing the keeper next to the sheath allows for an easier one motion draw.