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  1. Who Makes This Wallet?!

    Tanner Leather Goods out of Portland, OR.
  2. Over Edge Thread Finish With Machine?

    That is goshdarn brilliant Wiz, thanks.
  3. Over Edge Thread Finish With Machine?

    Good to hear, thanks for the replies. Most of my stitching is going to be 1/8th from the edge (all belts and wallets, no holsters or saddles). I'm assuming I need a slotted plate throat plate, but that would compromise my reverse, no? The pieces will mostly be 2 or 3 layers of 4-5oz, or 2 layers of 10 oz for belts.
  4. Hey everybody, me again. I think I want to pick up a heavy duty leather stitcher. I've grown pretty accustomed to putting over edge stitches on my work, like this one on a bifold I made - http://www.flickr.co...983522611. If you sew the seam with a machine can you overedge and lock the stitches off with a saddle stitch assuming you leave yourself enough thread? It sounds like a pain in the butt but I'd like to try if feasible.
  5. I have some repetitive stress injuries in my back and punching holes is the step that aggravates it the most. Is it possible to convert a lockstitch machine to an awl puncher only? I have a 111w155 and I'd like to put a diamond awl in the needle bar to replace hand punching but so far it doesn't look like it'll fit. Any prior art on the scene?