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  1. I really don't post a whole lot around here, but I thought I should start. So here I am, and here's a cuff that I'm particularly proud of. I work on horse hair and leather for the most part, and I decided to try a little something different. I gave this cuff to a guy who cosplays as various themes of Santa and he's been test wearing this cuff for a few months, every day in. He still loves it and it's wearing in well. Here are photos of the cuff before I sent it off to him. The outside is veg tan leather, dyed with a mix of red and a few other colors to get that deep Christmas red and the strap was a mix of dye colors as well to get that Christmas green.
  2. I bought 2 hides of the pigskin, didn't have the least problem dying with fiebings alcohol dye...then fading them out with some other items at the bottom. I thought they sucked in dye quite nicely for the chap/pants I made. Beat them around a bit and add some Aussie and they wear quite comfortably. I plan on getting some more
  3. 1St Of 7 Trippin' Breast Collars

    Gorgeous work!!
  4. Kobo Mini Cover

    That's still heaps and bounds over what I could carve. Good work! Llve the slight bit of texture tou added around the carving too. Love the touch the lacing adds.
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys! It's taken LOTS of experimenting, playing around and I will admit, a generous amount of swearing to figure this technique out. And hubby's seen more than one piece sail across the living room from the kitchen from failed attempts. It all started when a horsehair customer wondered if I could make a bracelet in her horse's color. The horse happened to be a dappled buckskin. Being the obsessed color nut that I am, I wasn't happy until I figured out just how to emulate that color. Then she kicked it up a notch and asked "well, I actually have TWO horses I want to make a bracelet with their hair, can you combine both their colors?" The other horse was a nice little sorrel fella. I actually have a few bottles of colors I've had to mix to get specific results with. It's part Science part Art. My partner in crime calls my technique Controlled Chaos, because he's watched me do my thing on several occasions and he still can't put a thumb on what I do. I will say though, some of those colors are Angelus dye. And some of the other colors are Eco Flo (yeah, I know, that stuff's the devil and is evil and horrible, but it really is useful for a few things.) But that's all I'm allowed to say, since hubby always fusses at me for telling all my secrets.
  6. I've been experimenting with dye techniques, trying to bring some of my art background into my leather work. I'm really happy with how this came out. I'm hoping I get lucky and can do it again.... trying to figure out this attaching images thing....
  7. Some Stuff I've Done...

    A watchband that I made for my father for Christmas. Not bad for forgetting the leather that i had planned to use to make with it while I was visiting. He happened to have some extra scrap laying around and I eyeballed the pattern based on the watchband he had. I will have to try another one once i have time and real materials. The other is . dog collar I made for a friend's Great Dane. The black was w vinegaroon black. I also antiqued the brass hardware myself.
  8. Some Stuff I've Done...

    Let's see if I got this to work right...
  9. Some Stuff I've Done...

    Thanks guys! I'll have to see if i can figure out this kindle to post a few more recent things I have done. There is a bit of a learning curve on working this thing vs my laptop. WinterBear directed me to a really neat seller of sheepskin than i plan to make an order from when i get a moment. I havent had much time to play around with bitless prototypes as much a i like. i agree about the shanks typically found on this style of mechanical hack though. i hardly ever use them myself. i typically ride in my rope halter, and would like to make a bosal similar in feel to the rope halter i have. it would be nice to ride my mare in something that looks like finished gear instead of "just a rope halter"
  10. Warthog gift set

  11. Trying To Find A Solution...

    I actually, just happen to have another unfinished belt that I dyed from the same leather, and stamped and stained. Twice the work, but because I was worried about getting the belt out in time, I figured it was good insurance, just in looks like it came in handy.
  12. Trying To Find A Solution...

    I have both near me, and hubby and I already have plans to go that way-ish tomorrow.
  13. Trying To Find A Solution...

    What about this? Maybe I could jazz it up a bit by adding some conchos instead, make it look more like it was done on purpose....
  14. Trying To Find A Solution...

    I remember reading that here on the boards. I did actually ask her to find a belt that her hubby wears comfortably and measure end to end, then measure from tip to the hole he wears it at. She said she'd remeasure again, so we'll see. I wonder if she just grabbed an old belt of his. I know my husband has a few different ones he wears depending on when he's gone up or down. I will definitely start sending them the diagram though, anything to help make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks so much for the info. stamp any size! LOL
  15. Trying To Find A Solution...

    something like this maybe....