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  1. My First Briefcase

    Thanks 5 Spice. The red buffalo calf really looks nice. It also has a butter smooth feel.
  2. My First Briefcase

    Thanks! The problem I was having with the gussets was a thickness issue. Every time I tried to sew everything together, The work would slip and the needle would bunch up the sewing. There was the thickness of the horsehide divider with lining, being overlapped with the gusset leather, also lined. I actually partially machine sewed and partially hand sewed the case. I have to admit that I was very discouraged several times. In the end when it all started coming together, I was very happy with the project.
  3. My First Briefcase

    Thank You Monica. I really appreciate that.
  4. My First Briefcase

    Thanks Bill. It is pretty big. I built it to the customers specs. He is a lawyer, so I guess he carries a lot of paper. On the straps, I thought about putting some kind of feet on the case, but couldn't really find anything that I thought was suitable. The straps are 7oz horsehide, so they should hold up well. if there is an issue, i would just replace them for the customer. What would I do different???? Charge more, lol! Seriously, I ruined 3 gussets while making this case. The lining really proved to be the hardest part. I also found I really had to think my way through the process in order not to get ahead of myself. I would probably forgo the lining, unless a customer really wanted it. Not really sure what I would do different in design, as I would custom build them to customer spec, but I do know that I learned a lot about the steps involved. I would probably try to refine the process a bit more.
  5. Here is the first case I have ever attempted. A customer asked me if I would be willing to give it a try for him. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I said "sure, why not", LOL. It was a lot more intensive than I imagined, but in the end I am happy with it and I learned a lot about this side of leather crafting. I hope you enjoy it. It is made from Horsehide, Chromexel and red buffalo calf. It has 3 main gusseted pockets, a newspaper pocket on the back and a gusseted accessory pocket on the front.
  6. Latest Exotic Rig

    Thanks! It really is very exotic looking. I wasn't quite sure what i thought of it when I fist saw the hide, now I really like it.
  7. Latest Exotic Rig

    Thanks! Glad you all enjoyed it. I got the Wildebeest from John Fong. I get all of my exotics from him now.
  8. Just thought I would post up some pics of a set that was shipped out today. The bodies of the holster, mag pouch and belt are all black Horsehide, trimmed out in Wildebeest. So far, I think Wildebeest has to be one of my favorite exotics. Hope you like the set.
  9. Recent Bbq Rig

    Thanks! I get it from Roje and John Fong. The shark on the holster and pouch were from Roje. The smoother shark on the belt is from Fong. I have noticed that getting long pieces has been very hit and miss the last few months.
  10. Recent Bbq Rig

    Thanks Ran. I think the whole belt tunnel construction really is a matter of personal taste. All my OWB holsters use it. It is a solid platform and one of the other reasons I use it, is just to be different, lol. You should give it a try sometime for one of your own and see how you like it. I love working with Horsehide. It is a bit different to work with, but not to bad. I bought my first horsehide holster from Ken Null 21 years ago and was hooked. There is just something about the way it looks that i find so appealing.
  11. Recent Bbq Rig

    Thank You!
  12. Here is a BBQ Rig, I just sent out to a customer. It consists of a black Shark over Horsehide belt, My HR-1 High Rise holster in Cordovan/Burgundy Horsehide with Shark accents and a HR-DBL magazine/light pouch, also Shark over Horsehide. The customer just picked up his Sig MK25 Navy Collectors edition and wanted something fancy to go with it. Hope you like it.
  13. Does anyone know of a source of Large(8sg ft) Shark Skins? Ostrich market and Roje are dead ends at the moment. I need to make some full length belts and it seems everyone is dried up. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  14. Thanks, It really is nice hide. It's a little tricky to get it to show up like this. I usually dye in two steps. Burgundy before and after molding. let it dry hard and the a light coat of Cordovan.