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  1. Dull Weaver Master Tools Round Knife

    I agree. That edge is too fine for the Weaver knife, The Leather Wranglers knife blade is thicker with a different angle on the edge. I have the weaver knife, I sharpen it on a razor hone and strop it and it cuts like a scalpel.
  2. Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Look for the seller yanjieshop on E-Bay. He is in China and has great prices on vintage Craftools. I have ordered from him several times, he ships the next day, and his tool descriptions have been right on. It usually takes about 12 days shipping time,and the shipping is cheaper than U.S. sellers.
  3. Flattening stitching

    Wrong hammer. You need one with a wider face and rounded edges like a cobblers hammer.
  4. Wanted: Older Model Craftool 439 Border Stamp

    I have that stamp, sent you a PM
  5. Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    I have a 932 and a 350 seed. I have mulefeet 710 & 354. Camos 455, 832, 771. Veiners 414, 413, 749, 465, 466. Seeds 628, 630. Borders and geometrics , 718, 442, 439 ,607, 611, 304 ,617. Flower center 817 Shaders224, 233. Backgrounders 801,889, 113. Stop 360. Bevels 197, 702 Figure tools 119, 898. Last but not least is an un numbered 775 camo there are two versions of this stamp, this is not the high profile version but is more like a veiner. There is nothing in your posted trade list I need
  6. Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    I have 34 stamps that fit that description, willing to sell or trade, what numbers are you in need of?
  7. Craftool Co. pat pending mallet

    I don't have any photos. I bought one years ago on E-bay that was in the original box, it had 6 weights and extra end caps. I don't know how much of it was originally in the set I do remember the weights were not all the same.
  8. First time in a long time.

    Welcome back to the craft. where in N.C. are you?
  9. Craftool Co. pat pending mallet

    those had different weights so you could change the weight of the mallet. the plastic face doesn't hold up very well over time. I see them on E-bay from time to time. I have bought and sold several of them. The wedge that holds the head on is usually missing.
  10. Discontinued 3D stamps

    see them on E-bay all the time, search vintage leathercraft stamps look for a seller named doggiebag13
  11. Acrylic Paint on Leather

    I have used Golden Artist Acrylics for years and never had a problem. I thin them with water to whatever consistency I want. Most of the time I antique over them. I have a note pad cover I carved and painted about 6 years ago that is carried daily and has gone through the washing machine a couple of times by mistake. It showes no signs of damage.
  12. leather stamping tools, price vs quality

    The Craft Japan tools are a notch above the Tandy Craftools in quality. As I understand it the Craftool Pro stamps are being discontinued, so get them while the getting is good.
  13. I have been using Weldwood brand nonflammable contact cement for years. It works great, no smell and I get it at the local hardware store. The can has a green label.
  14. Another Getting Started Question-Stamps

    I have bought quite a few vintage Craftools from Pro Leather Carvers Supply. He also has a website you can order from. Most of the tools I have from them are pre 1968 Craftool, but I also have a couple of his James Linnell stamps. I have never been dissatisfied with their products. I am also a big fan of Barry King tools, and highly recommend them.
  15. Tooling detailed animals

    Get the book Figure Carving Finesse by Al Stohlman.