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  1. I have been using Weldwood brand nonflammable contact cement for years. It works great, no smell and I get it at the local hardware store. The can has a green label.
  2. Another Getting Started Question-Stamps

    I have bought quite a few vintage Craftools from Pro Leather Carvers Supply. He also has a website you can order from. Most of the tools I have from them are pre 1968 Craftool, but I also have a couple of his James Linnell stamps. I have never been dissatisfied with their products. I am also a big fan of Barry King tools, and highly recommend them.
  3. Tooling detailed animals

    Get the book Figure Carving Finesse by Al Stohlman.
  4. Pictorial carving of a beach

    Pictorial Carving Finesse by Al Stohlman is a great resource with lots of instruction for carving.
  5. Bronco Buster

    The corners can be tricky. I start my first stamp dead center on the inside border line and stamp out to the corners, I stop just shy of the end of the line then switch and stamp the outside border line in the same manner stopping a few stamps shy of the corner. After I do all 4 sides I come back and stamp into the corners. This makes it easier to adjust and cheat to make it work out.
  6. Bronco Buster

    It is not a sunburst, and it is not in the Craftool index. they are old and hard to find. There is one on E-bay right now the auction ends in 10 hours. The sellers name is Trim6456 and the price is 42.95. he will relist it if it doesen't sell. search vintage leather stamping tools.
  7. Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    Very nice. I would be proud to ride that, if I wasn't so old and fat!
  8. Bronco Buster

    Sheilajeanne , thanks, It is one piece of leather, 18x13. The border was done with a Barry King Crown Serpentine, and a Craftool # 307 was used between the serpentine stamps to give it the zig zag
  9. Bronco Buster

    My latest figure carving. The pattern came from F.O. Baird. The finish is a combination of Fiebings Pro Dye, Eco-Flo water stain, acrylic paint and Eco-Flo antique gel
  10. How to distress leather

    Get your leather good and wet, find a rough section of concrete or pavement place some cellophane down place your leather face down on the cellophane, weight it down and leave it for a little while. A piece with a lot of cracks makes a really interesting pattern
  11. Flexcut SlipStrop

    I found the Flexcut brand SlipStrop a while back while looking at wood carving tools. It is a small strop board with lots of different profiles, flat, round, triangle, convex and concave. I have found it to be great for all my leather tools especially edgers.
  12. Backing for stamping and carving?

    Scotch brand Heavy Duty Shipping Tape. I slicker it down tight to the back. I have done this for years and have never had a problem with stretching. Let the leather dry completely before you peel it off and it will come off clean. Other brands of tape don't work as well as Scotch Heavy Duty.
  13. Hawkman

    very nice
  14. Swivel knife with swivel blade maker?

    Duane Watts DWleatherworks on Etsy. I recently bought one they work great.
  15. Modelling tools

    Look into Back Bevelers. I made my own to do exactly what you are wanting to do. I know Barry King sells them.