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  1. Here's my first foam backed seat topper using my Fabricator machine. This is on 1/2" foam. Finishing this seat hopefully in the next week.
  2. I do love the Fabricator machine! Yes, you're limited on thread size, and I'm sure veg-tan is not recommended but I have sewn veg-tan on it. I like the quality in the machine. So I'm guessing the new one for Tandy is high quality also. I won't be making holsters, saddles, or heavy leather items so this machine works for me. They are hands on at Sailrite and have great videos to boot! Fabricator has a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.
  3. If you get wholesale from Tandy the cost is $1350 if I remember right. I paid $1500 for my Fabricator from Sailrite. I'm very pleased with the quality and they have tons of how to videos. Quality machines.
  4. benlilly1

    Carving dog

    Great work and nice video of progression!
  5. benlilly1

    "Genuine" Leather

    Ha! Good point!
  6. benlilly1

    "Genuine" Leather'll be better off with your own redo!
  7. benlilly1

    A belt just for me

    Nice vintage buckle Jeff! Bridle leather 2 layers or just one?
  8. Sailrite also has great videos on YouTube and their own site!
  9. I have the Fabricator from Sailrite. Great instructions on putting it together. The foot doesn't raise all that high for thick leather, but sews very well. I've used it on veg-tan leather but I sew slow on it. A very quiet machine and built well.
  10. Nice and sleek! Beautiful!
  11. benlilly1

    New Member from Kentucky

    Welcome! Please post them!
  12. benlilly1

    Tank Panel for Harley Davidson Deluxe

    Great job! Very unique details.
  13. benlilly1

    Sheridan tote bag

    Just beautiful!!