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  1. Ironworker Bolt Bag

    Cool idea! I need to get some more tools! Nice rack of tools!
  2. Rattlesnake trio

    Looks very nice!
  3. Oval buckle instructions

    Thanks Mattsbagger, I was able to find info on the applying of the leather to the buckle but didn't know specifics on the belt part. I've not used one of these before.
  4. Oval buckle instructions

    Thanks Fred, I assumed it was this simple but just wanted to be assured. Time to move ahead on this project.
  5. Oval buckle instructions

    My nephew is wanting to make a belt and I have one of these buckles he likes. I have no instructions for a belt blank. I'm sure it's simple but if anyone has the info please let me know. Thanks
  6. First "classy" wallet

  7. Santa Belt

    Yep! I didn't see that! He's at his real job in the office!
  8. Santa Belt

    for sure! He says he is very happy with it!
  9. Custom banjo strap

    Very Cool! I have yet to make any kind of strap. I need to get busy!
  10. Tandy Australia Closing

    Oh, that's too bad. A sign of the times I guess.
  11. Ancient Greek Armor

    Way cool!
  12. Tooled Guitar Strap

  13. Santa Belt

    He had an original but it was just a cheap vinyl one and he wanted a good buckle too. I'm not sure how much he's getting into this type of business. He started taking over for his dad.
  14. Santa Belt

    Thanks Eddie! Thanks Scooby!