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  1. Skull solo seat

    Haven't posted in a while. Here is my latest. Getting busier for this time of year.
  2. Spartyka seat

    Thanks Paprhangr, I have one of the bottom not finished. I've been having trouble signing in since the site has changed. I always have to change my password. Anyone else having issues?
  3. Spartyka seat

    Seat for Green Devil Garage. Black and tan with black lacing.
  4. Alligator Seat...How To Protect It

    I'm going to jump in and say since it's already finished like upholstery leather the only thing to put on it would be a light leather cream only when needed. I've not used embossed leather so this is a guess. Super Sheene and Tan Kote or anything oily I would think would be a no no. Nice seat by the way.
  5. BJ's Solo Seat

    Thanks guys, my next one should be a breeze!
  6. BJ's Solo Seat

    Tan leather with dark brown lacing
  7. Wow, very fine work, JRedding!!
  8. Alligator Skin

    Thanks Chief, I knew you had worked with it. Just the info I was looking for.
  9. Alligator Skin

    I will be receiving an alligator skin already tanned and ready to use from a friend/ hunter. What items are best with alligator and what are the pros and cons to using it? Are some sections better for certain items like with cow leather? Is it easy to sew? Do you put anything on it as a sealer? I know nothing about it. Thanks