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  1. Would anyone do $200 + shipping?
  2. Several years ago we purchased some custom brown belt clips from JRM. We originally purchased 1200, but found that the gloss paint scratched easily so we were unable to use them (Most of them are scratched just from shipping). They would be great for purely utilitarian projects where you just need a good clip, but looks aren't critical. Would also be great for scouting/youth groups. I think we paid about $600-800 for the entire batch. We have 36 lbs of the original 41 lbs left, so we estimate about 900-1000 clips remaining however I don't make any guarantee on the count, but I can tell you the box weighs 36 lbs. We are willing to let them go for a sweet deal to the best offer. payment via paypal, buyer pays shipping Make an offer if interested! We want these to go fast. See clip details here. http://www.jrmclips.com/1000-series-clips.html
  3. Mags For Sale *reposted*

    Sorry for such a hassle! full payment sent!
  4. Mags For Sale

    I'll take the lot
  5. I have several hundred pounds of scrap leather that I don't have a use for. Sizes range from pieces less than a 2 square inches to pieces that are up to 2 square feet. In each case it is unusable for my products. What do you guys do with your scrap leather? I almost took a pallet load to the trash today but hated seeing it go to waste so I paused(It just seems like it might be something someone could use). Its all drum dyed veg tan leather (Black). We produce probably 50 lbs of scrap a week. Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. I recently purchased two sewing machines from Steve and he has been great to work with and the machines are very nice. I am having a problem with my EPS system, which is very likely user error. First I would like to say that Steve has been very helpful and provided great customer service, I'm only seeking more information here so I know what I should be looking for so I can talk intelligently with Steve. Let me tell you the issue I've had, nearly identical issues on two machines with EPS. (this is spcifically on the Class 18, but I have had similar issues on the class 4) The needle never stops in the down position, and the servo is constantly giving and E8 error code (and I've seen and E9 error code a few times). It will stop in the up position occasionally and will show Pu on the servo (I think this means Position Up). The red light on the synchronizer (mounted to the hand wheel with the marks lined up as instructed in a set up guide I received) illuminates at this point (and every time the needle is in the up position). Pressing the heel down, when you've manually put the needle in the lowest position, will sometimes cause the needle to raise, but it is inconsistent. While trying to understand how the system works I noticed that the red light only comes on once per revolution of the hand wheel, I think that each time the red light comes on it send a signal to the motor to stop its rotation. I pulled the cover off of the synchronizer and noticed that there was one magnet, put a hole for a second one (this appeared to be the sensing mechanism). It seems like there should be a method for sensing the high point and the low point of the needle, but the synch. is unable to provide that info. Any thoughts? Does your synchronizer have two magnets? does the light come on at the high and low point of the needle? Thanks!
  7. Jiffy Rivets

    OK, did a bit more research. Here is a link to the page, same product numbers as OTB, I'll just have to see if they are willing to ship to me. Does anyone have any experience purchasing from Belgium? http://www.union.be/index.php?page=articles&cat=15
  8. Jiffy Rivets

    I know this is a terribly old thread, but that link doesn't seem to be correct anymore. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the manufacturer of the brass jiffy rivets? Thanks!
  9. I'm trying to get Duncans to make up a mold of the S&W SD9 VE (basically a new version of the sigma) You can see the gun here. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category4_750001_750051_757962_-1_757752_757751_image They need 3 more people to ask for it before they will offer it. If you are interested, please call Jason at (989) 894-6691 and ask to be put on the list. Thanks! Clay
  10. I'm curious to see what most holster makers are producing. Obviously you don't need to answer as most would consider this confidential information. I think the poll is be anonymous so your answers shouldn't be publicly tied to you(maybe a moderator could make it so if it is not). Hopefully this information could be of value/interest to other makers out there. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input! Right now I'm leaning towards the Cobra Class 4, however I just made a big equipment purchase so it will be a while before I'm ready to make the jump.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I never considered such a piece of equipment but I was able to find a 20 ton punch press locally for $800. I'm picking it up tomorrow! I think it will work great. Thanks!
  13. I'm thinking about offering two layer leather belts as an option to my customers (along with a few other side projects). I would like to be able to handle two layers of 7-8 oz leather. What would you suggest? Thanks!