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  1. Leather Ring Pad

    does anyone have a guide or templates for making a leather ring pad? I've seen some posted before, but never a tutorial. I'm getting married in a couple weeks and promised to make this... I have been slacking...
  2. Red Dyes

    I've experimented with vinegaroon, and loved it, but it has me wondering if you can create any other colors. more specifically, is there any way to create a red leather dye naturally?
  3. Adult area on

    I'd also like to view the dark side!
  4. Inlays

    are there any links that show how the inlay process is done? for example if i wanted to make a wallet with an inlay from a grain sack or other fabric, or a wallet with other exotic leather inlayed. how do i do it???
  5. Good Link For Beginners

    Was googling around today and found this link which was basically an all inclusive guide for beginners. Reading through quickly it had a bunch of good info including how to's and basic tool explanations. hopefully this can help some people
  6. Greetings From Denver Co

    Just stopping by to say hello. I have just recently jumped head first into this addictive hobby, so I am slowly learning as i go. everything i do is pretty much self taught. This site has already given me so much more information. Here are some pics of my work long wallet iPad Case some extremely simple wallet reigns and key fobs Thanks for looking!
  7. Help Finding Hardware!

    thanks for the replies! I can assure everyone im not making bdsm gear though haha i want to use them on wallets to connect wallet reigns Edit: one more quick question about ordering from sites like this who require business accounts. Is there any way to not set up a business account?
  8. Help Finding Hardware!

    can someone tell me what these are called, and where to source them? I've tried searching around but it it tough when you don't know the exact name. Thanks in advance!