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    buscadero ,shoulder holsters ,gun belts and holsters
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  1. Where Can I Get Needles For A Durkopp Cl 17-1-1

    Call Durkopp-Adler in Georgia : 800 241-6298 .Tackman
  2. Hh Heiser Saddle Help

    Try going to cabin creek cc's.com as they have many of the old time catalogs for sale as dvd's or down loads. Get the model number if you can as that will tell you which one to look for. Tackman
  3. From: Horse Leather

    contact Matt at Maverick leather:877 845 0080- He sells it from Horween-has seconds. Tackman
  4. From: Horse Leather

    Source: Horse Leather
  5. Adler 205-370

    Hello: I think some of these people are handing out misinformation to you' I've had three 205's and I sew everything from skirting leather to light weight leather for pocket planners and billfolds. The needle sizes range from 120 to 230 and the needles are changed for the appropriate job. Tackman.
  6. Tools For Sale

    American-St.Louis 6 inch hand crank splitter, heretege splitter, Osborne # 86 splitter , Champion 5 in 1 -I rebuilt it, and a Pro 2000 super bull.. Call: Chuck Hooks 425 743 6387 or email: tackmantoo@gmail .com. Thanks
  7. Should I Buy A Singer 7-31

    Hi: I agree with Bob entirely with his suggestion of the cylinder arm with the board for the flat bed conversion and I'm not trying to cut him out of a possible sale but, I suggest you watch the trade magazines such as The leather crafters Journal, Shop Talk and your local craigs list under sewing. I'm in the Seattle area and I check Craigs list every day and there are all kinds of machines available.. Also,you can check Ferdco"s swap board website-there"s everything on it. The last thing and I think Bob said this too-don't even bother looking at a machine if it isn't a walking foot. Good luck.. Tackman
  8. What's on your mind?

  9. Help Ordering From Horween

    Yes, I have and haven't had much better luck than you. I just talked to Eric regarding Tannery Row and prices aand pictures of the leathers that he and John Cullinton said were going to be availavble soon. That"s not happening either! Eric hit me at $10.95 /S.F for one aside of Latigo!! It's beutiful leather but, I can't handle the pricing. I'd call Nick Horween direct (the owner) he's a real nice guy and will give you a quote , I'm sure. I'd expect you'll have a long wait. Good luck. Tackman
  10. Options For English Bridle Leather In U.s.?

    Hi: Just want to throw my ten cents worth in: you can buy one side of leather from Hermann-oak but, you have to payan"up charge" of fifty cents a sq.foot . They don't broadcast this as they don't like to do too much of it. Also, the Hide House has their bridle for $120.00 per side in two colors and one weight which is 10-12 oz. , I believe. I bought a side and it's great. Siegel has been out of business now for about six months. If you want "real" English bridle then call Ken Chapman at Booth and Company in Peabody ,Ma. 978 531 3730. Be sure to be seated when you get pricing!!! By the way, what are you crafting? Tackman
  11. Die With Hole Punches

    Katiemfree: I would recommend Texas Custom Dies -Talk to Heather 817 563 2315 . You'll have to make a posterboard pattern of the exact layout you want .These aren't cheap though as the hole punch tubes make the cost sgo up. Also, they are made to be used with a clicker so, you can punch them out pretty fast-they can cut the sole out as well as punching the holes in one operation. This may be more than you want but, if you start getting any volumn it's the best way in my opion. Tackman
  12. W & C Overstock Sale Page A Crock?

    Hi: I thought I"d stick my two cents worth in for what it's worth: I've been dealing with Glen or Matt at W-C for years and haven't had any problems at all. I received a side of black bridle tha t was overed with some kind of tiny spots which ruined the appearance of the belts I was crafting-Matt took it back with no questions and issued a call tag-no cost to me -full credit. There' s something wrong with what happened to you as they usually bend over backwards to satisfy a customer. Is this rep a green pea? Also, they do have about a $2.00 charge on the invoice for insurance. I'd talk to matt or Glen if you didn't get satisfaction. Now let me tell you my tale of woe: I just bought a new harness stitcher-no names but, it's made in Germany. Guess what? They sent me the machine with no electrical plug!!! they said after the fact that they don't put plugs on any machine. Also, no instruction as to having to have a pnuematic hose connection, no itemized invoice as to the equipment on the machine, and they won't supply the standard throat plate and presser foot-it came with an optional throat plate. Caveat emptor!!!! Tackman
  13. I've been reading some of the queries on stitchers/sewing machines over the past month or so and it looks to me like some of you want one machine to do it all. I've been a leather crafter for about twenty years now and the best machine in my experience to do this is the Adler 205-370 as I can sew froma 120 needle with 69/69 thread on up to a 250 needle with 415 thread. You may have to make adjustments but, it will do purses on up to-. I understand the big shops set their machines up for one type of sewing job and leave it their and they have different machines set up for different functions which we probably can't do due to the cost. Another good "first" machine in my experience is the old W111 with a speed reducer but, it doesn't have reverse-you have to turn your material around to back tack. It's good for lighter leathers but, not anything heavy. The other thing that some of the dealers have told me to keep in mind that many of these machines weren"t designed to sew leather in the first place and may have to be altered-presser foot and feed dog. Also, with the cylinder arm I can convert it to a flatbed with a small table attached on top of the arm. The next machine I want is an Adler patch machine- due to the versatility. I hope this makes sense to you guys.. Later,Tackman