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  1. Farm Mocs

    Thanks for the additional photos and insights. I like how they turned out. I've made a pair that I wear a lot, but am about to wear out. So, am always looking for good ideas.
  2. Farm Mocs

    Nice pair of mocs. I would like to see more photos, and more info on your construction. Are they lined?
  3. Crikey! You should be proud. Roger
  4. I was at Springfield Leather Co. this weekend (bought a Cobra Class 3 machine!!) and I saw the pricking irons they sell under their brand. Look great, and frankly awesome prices. I'd take a look at their site, if you never have. Amazing store. I got a tour and it is really a great place to shop. Electronically, by phone, or in person. I just endorse them, I don't work there, etc. Roger
  5. Mermaid On Fishing Stool

  6. Fishing/camping Chair

    Thanks for the pix. You did a great job on that project all around!
  7. Fishing/camping Chair

    I would like to see some more shots of the hardware set up. Great looking stool. Roger
  8. First Finished Project... Mask For A Masquerade Party!

    Your pic didn't post.
  9. A clasp would look good, especially a bronze one. If you use a strap, you might just run it through a loop on the body of the case. With time, and use, the flap might do just fine without any extra assistance. Might be a real pain to try to stitch a loop on there assembled. I think you did a really nice job, especially for a second project. I can see why you didn't design a closure into the project from the beginning. Nice clean lines, no desire to clutter it up. I like it. Roger
  10. Well, I went forward with original pattern and it just wouldn't last. So, I did some measuring, and then made a few adjustments to the patterns. And then made a "model" moc with some thick felt, and it all seemed to line up. So now I have made a new vamp/midsole/outsole and finished stitching it together this morning. I will need to put in the lining, and skive it some. Then finish the heel assembly THEN I can try to last it and see if my mods worked. I am using some pretty heavy cowhide. I'm sure it will loosen up with wear, but it's pretty stiff for this part of the project.
  11. I am starting work on a pair of mocs. I am making a pair of canoe mocs, like the ones that Mark Wintle makes (Wassookeag) or Quoddy, etc. I have the materials, and a pair of lasts. Making a patttern of the last, I have figured out. But with the thickness of the triple sole, etc., I need to figure out a lasting allowance. Or I will never get these things sewn up. Anyone have any advice? Roger
  12. I use barley to form mine.
  13. I want to make a pair of mocs like these. I am ordering some lasts. Are the outsoles sewn to the vamp before putting the shoe on the last? Or before? Is this done with a curved needle and awl or straight? I know some brands machine stitch the outsole to the vamp, but it would make resoling much more difficult. Make assembly less complicated, though. Anyone with experience in this area?
  14. I really like the work you have done with the carved geometric patterns, especially in the pouch on the fence and the puukko sheath. Welcome to the forum.