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  1. Hi Chancey the tune's are just awesome very good, U are very talented!!!!. Damn U do world class leather work, painting and now Jam's the all around artist it's just awesome.U have a old biker fan from North Carolina now!!! thanks for all the post's keep it up. Is there a chance to maybe buying some recordings of other Jam's U have done. Thanks Hauss
  2. Hi, Simple "boxy" but very "Nice"
  3. those wont do that and to sew leather that thick you will spend $3000.00 and up!!!
  4. Is This One Worth A Look?

    Since You are in Canada probably the best thing to do would be to call Ron at Tech-Sew and check on a used machine it will be ready for leather here is his web site he will help You out.
  5. Is This One Worth A Look?

    Hi I am not a expert on sewing machine but that is not a unison or combo feed maybe some one else will chime in but I wouldn't buy it! and Welcome to the LW! Mike
  6. Glue Containers With The Brush Covers

    Where do You get those glue pots at never seen them before!
  7. Opinions On Adler 467

    Hi I don't know a lot about the adler 467 but what I have read they are built like a tank and make a great stitch maybe one of the Experts on here will chime in. Mike
  8. Tippmann Boss Problems

    Hi Brian just looking at your and Bill's profile U are about 2 1/2 hour ride to where he is see if he has time to help and take a ride maybe both of U end up with another good friend! It's just a thought
  9. Juki Dnu-241H

    Hi where are U located and how much do U want for it Thanks Hauss PS pic would be nice
  10. Consew 206Rb

    Hi I am on east coast to much to ship thanks
  11. Consew 206Rb

  12. Hi how much and where are U located. thanks Hauss

  13. Crawford Linen Thread

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Crawford linen thread and if 18/4 cord would be heavy enough for hand stitching Thanks Hauss
  14. Marking Leather

  15. Kevin King ?

    Hi Luke that is what his profile say's I hope all is well for Him and his Family. That was a very bad storm that hit there. Have a good day Hauss