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    leatherworking,motorcycles, hotrods and music

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    I do a lot of purse's, wallets. Have done motorcycle seats and tool bags.
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    dyeing, and embossing. try to learn something new every time i check out this site
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    surfing the net
  1. Wow that is way kool. care to share hoe it was done, would like to try that on some personal things. Keep up the good work
  2. Boiled Leather Vases

    Very nice indeed. Keep up the great work
  3. Senior Moments....

    That is just to good not to share... Thank you for making my day
  4. If this is still available i would like a copy of the patterns thank you for sharing. My e-mail is fro 80@msn.com Thank you
  5. Seat Finished Today.

    That is another amazing seat. You are truely a master at them and thank you for sharing it with us it has been a while since you've posted anything.
  6. My Work Belt.

    Very nice may i ask how long it took to lace it. I'm just learning to do the round braid myself, it's been a learning curve for sure. Your work is beautiful.
  7. Beverlers For Sale

    Thanks Spinner can't wait for them to arrive and start a new project with them.
  8. Beverlers For Sale

    Are the hidecrafter set still available
  9. That is a very beautiful purse nd your work is fantastic. Thank you for sharing
  10. New Here

    Very nice work my friend. I'm just starting to play around with an airbrush, hope i can get the hang of it. seems to be the only way to get the effects i want. Thanks for sharing your work
  11. Seat

    Another awesome seat. The colors are fantastic as usual. You do great work thanks for sharing. One of these days maybe i can figure out how to post pictures nd can share some of my stuff.
  12. Hello From Utah

    Welcome to the best site around. Where about in Utah you from, I'm in Tooele. Enjoy the the information from everyone
  13. Latest Seat

    Very nice seat as usual. the color is great as well as the lacing. Job well done