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  1. Where To Buy Leather

    I order from SLC, and since I'm selling my holsters , I buy the Herman Oak belt bends . Beautiful leather, much nicer than Tandys Euro bends, and I've never gotten a bad one. Alittle spendy , but I can usually get between 10-12 holsters per bend, and I ain't worrying about quality.
  2. Leather & Canvas Ammo Belt

    Beautiful. Period. Simple and clean is one of the hardest designs to execute and you nailed it.
  3. the level of detail increases exponentially with the weight of the leather..6/7 oz shows more detail and molds much easier than 8/9 oz. Start lining your holsters and the mold ing details on the exterior start to diminish rapidly.
  4. Don't Tread On Me Tribute

    beautiful work ! I get customers that send 35 emails about 1 65.00 holster...
  5. First *successful* Exotic

    Nice Job! the elephant is very classy without being overwhelming like some exotics.
  6. I just use diluted Tan Kote
  7. I use 1/2" steel plates, work great. they work well for clicking as well, with a cutting board of course
  8. Red Guns arent too bad but be careful, I have one labeled Kahr 9, its a good fit for a K9- how long is it taking to get your molds? I've been buying mine from Rob, week to 10 days generally if he doesnt have it in stock, 3 if he does.
  9. 1911 Commander Holster

    Very nice! both the holster and your photo. i need to work on my photos...
  10. Adult area on

    Please add me in-thanks
  11. I have clicker dies for all my IWBs, I have several sizes that i can use for a wide variety of guns. I can modify the pattern after I click it out, to suit the gun.
  12. 357 Blackhawk Rig

    thanks guys for the kind words- SooperJake, the dye is Feibings Professional oil dye, "Show Brown", everything dyed, applied with a piece of sheepskin, prior to assembly and allowed to dry several days before assembly and stitching. Finish is diluted Tan Kote.. The entire rig is double layer 6/7 oz HO, including the holster. Cartridge loops were woven into the outer belt layer before assembly. It was a fun build and would love to do more. Not too many cowboys in central Minnesota, although there are some CAS shooters here. Thanks again!
  13. My second attempt at a cowboy rig, for my own use[attachment =74243:P1010049resized.jpg]
  14. kinda hard to answer w/o seeing the pattern-I do think 7/8 0z HO is a little heavy for the strap.