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  1. Do you have a pattern for your bag in the photo if so would you be willing to share it with me Thanks

  3. I also make custom leather sheaths. If you would send me an email. I will send you some photos of my sheaths Thanks
  4. Send me an email I think I can help You
  5. You might try horse hide
  6. Thanks Butch
  7. Could you put up some more photos maybe the in side knife roll I like the idea of his
  8. I would like to know also #1
  9. Rayban, Maybe if you used a small paintbrush an painted Wyo-Sheen directly on the sewn seam (the thread), the dye wouldn't penetrate the Wyo-Sheen. You could then do any finish you needed to and the thread would stay white. I have not had to use Wyo-Sheen for that, but it seems to me it might just work. Good luck. Claude Scott Flying 'S' Leather
  10. Brian, Oh,Lord! If my wife sees this, she is going to want one. It is beautiful! Would you consider selling one of these? Claude Scott This is the wife-YES! I would love to have something like this. Sue Scott
  11. I would like your small 3.5 round knife if you would email me at
  12. send me an email I may be able to help you claudescott60 at gmail dot com
  13. Thank You for sharing