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  1. Which sewing machine ?

    Brilliant! Thanks for the info Wizcrafts
  2. Which sewing machine ?

    Just dug out the needle that came with the Atlas and put it under the magnifying glass - it's a METWAR 200. Is that sounding about right for the machine?
  3. Which sewing machine ?

    Amazing! What a transformation. The Adler is like the Atlas twin!
  4. Which sewing machine ?

    Did you manage to find your manual Constabulary? I'm looking for needles (harpoons) for her now - they measure 7cm from tip of shank to top of eye and are approx 2mm diameter. I've seen that there are some Leo Lammertz needles around on the internet - someone trying to sell a pack of 10 for 30 euros ! Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?
  5. Which sewing machine ?

    Thanks everyone. I eventually purchased a really good condition Singer 29k58 and a German Claes Atlas machine which needs some renovation but is a beast of a machine especially for heavy duty leather work. It has 8cm harpoons for needles! Which I'm trying to find at the moment - I have one but would like to have a stock! The posts by Matt S and Wizcrafts on deciphering numbers on needle packets is a real help to understanding the different systems. A pic of my Atlas is below. She's oiled and is turning. The inside is remarkably clean considering she's been in a barn for years. She desperately needs some TLC. Looking fwd to getting her up and running properly. May re-do the japanning on the bed but will certainly be leaving the decals on the stand alone - just gentle cleaning and polishing. Some of her metal bits have responded well already! This machine is not well know in the US nor in the UK. I'm in France (but I'm English and she's German :/ ) Looking for a nice bit of wood for a table and proper Atlas treadle irons - someone put her on a Singer treadle. She was used on a Trotter's Yard here in France to make and repair harnesses for the horses.
  6. Bonjour,

    I´m from Germany and I have 2 heavy material sewing machines for horse rugs or leather work for sale - maybe you are interested.

    One is an Adler 4-4 and the other one is a Singer 45K92

    I can send picture and even a demonstration video. Shipping would be not problem, I can ship by freight forwarder - in case you are interested.

    Best regards


    1. marronne



      Thanks for the message.  Only just read it !  I didn't get a notification :(  I've now bought a Singer 29k58 and a Claes Atlas.

      Could you send photos of your machines anyway and with how much you're looking for, for each of them?

      I'm currently looking for needles for my Atlas - they're like harpoons at 8cm long and about 2mm wide !

      Best regards


  7. Hello Can you help me? I'm looking at getting a 1950s Singer 15-32. There doesn"' seem to be much information about it on the internet apart from that it is the more robust sister to the Tailor's Singer 31-15. I want to work on horse gear - thick canvas, horse rugs, 1/4 wool felt and soft bag leather. I have read that it will cope admirably - is this the case? Would very much appreciate any advice and opinions on the 31-32 and also the 31-15. Also, if anyone knows of any info on line anywhere ...... Many thanks