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  1. What should I use to cover this book?

    I would say 2/3 0z would be what you would want. Can use thicker,but will have to skive down on edges bit more,and the spine won't bend as easy. There are a couple ways you could do..... 1) Like the picture so the inside flap is stitched on the three sides.You have three pieces of leather. the outside and the two inside flaps...... 2) Other way, you make leather about 6/7/8 inch wider depending on how mch leather you want on the inside flaps..., you then fold the longer width on to itself, so when you stitch it you will only have stitches on the top and bottom of the cover and not the side edge. Doing that way, the corners would be square instead of following the book corners. You would only use one piece of leather for the entire cover. doing this way,and thickness of leather used,you might need to gauge a line at the fold so you get a nice fold..Biggest thing when making is you will need to have the cover fit when book is closed. If you make it to fit when the book is open,it will be too tight and book will not be able to close.

    I have prob 1000 clicker dies that i picked up from a company out of new york at one time when i bought a bunch of stuff when they closed up. There are all styles and sorts of wallet dies in the boxes. Keep thinking i should sell them....
  3. Stool for sewing at

    Yup, Those r what my stools look like..... Work Great!
  4. Stool for sewing at

    I have stools that were made by singer. Big heavy cast iron with a screw part and a wooden top so you can adjust up as high as you need. Kind of like a piano stool...
  5. Lining for Shotgun Case

    Synthetic wool is your best bet Like others said, Real will cause to rust if left in..... I have used it a lot and works great for protecting what is inside.. The darker is real, synthetic wool is the lighter colour...
  6. ID this Sewing Machine

    I actually have two of these tucked away. ( or ones that look similar..) Have not used for a few years. I think i may have a manual tucked away in a drawer. Will see if i can find...... Off the top of my head, they take the same curved hook and awl as a landis...... Have thought a few times, i should list these rather than having put away. I picked up thinking would work for me,but didn't work as i had planned... The older one looks like the picture. The other one is a newer model.... Has a housing covering the bits....
  7. Has anyone ever made an all leather guitar case?

    Depends, if you are talking hard or soft case. Have made both types. No pattern, made to fit the guitar as needed... The hard one, is dovetailed frames. So woodworking skills and tools come in handy. The soft is pretty easy. Padding,Leather and zippers.
  8. Looking for these 1/2" stamped buckles

    It is a shoe finding place in Montreal. I just sent you the link of company. You might be able to look at shoe finding places in the U.S. I just know i have gotten them from the company in the past. They should also come in nickle, because i have gotten them in both colours before.
  9. Looking for these 1/2" stamped buckles

  10. Where to buy steel for bag reinforcement?

    Home depot should carry metal that will work. The locks, can be found from UK. I will look and see if i have a extra one kicking around that i have ordered from, and not needing.
  11. Question on wrapping mason jars

    There could be many ways to do it. Elastic and leather, Snaps and leather, Lace etc...... Just depends on your look you are going for...
  12. Singer Stool

    Looks Great! When i saw the post, I thought, Huh.... Someone else has singer stools... Not quite the same.... These are old cast iron ones that can raise and lower depending on machine...
  13. Show your Shop

    Here is a 14 inch splitter that i have and thought i would show people..... It is made by the Carver Cotton Gin company. Splits leather Beautifully! The last Date stamp on it is 1877
  14. Show your Shop

    Give the person a cigar..... Yes, there is a landis three, in the background, a spot machine, a landis three bobbin winder as well as a pearson bobbin winder. Puritan machines are chain stitch machines,have a couple..... I use them on some things i make...... The one has a three foot post on it. I can stitch deep things when i need.. Ie: golf bags, hat boxes...
  15. Show your Shop

    Thanks, Picture of another one as well , It is a Pearson showing on edge of picture Thanks, Yes, a number 6 machine. The one to the left is a puritan macine