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  1. The handle rings do go through a rod. They are a screw pin type. So instead of being a solid ring the one spot is threaded so you take the pin out slip through hole and reinsert pin. I use locktight on threads to hold in place . I prefer solid rings but as long as the pins stay in place there should never be a issue. As well, sometimes you can not make solid rings work with designs....... Some rings use a watch pin sort of. so instead of being threaded there is a spring loaded pin that you push in, place pin where it is suppose to go and then release. Those do work, but i prefer the threaded types of pins. if using the screw pin,you do see the screwdriver slot (usually phillips) where as the "watch pin type" both sides of the d ring are finished and look solid.
  2. Just finished up a matching one in Black Pebble leather,Nickle Hardware. The second one was Much faster,now that have a design made up.....
  3. i think, if you remove all the circles in your head you will see that the outline left is the leather. The zipper will start and finish where the little clear circles are sitting. If that helps make a clearer veiw for you. The circles are there to get the placement of corners and zipper placement......
  4. Just finished designing and making up a chef's knife roll case.
  5. My guess is post machine on both bags. But...On the tan bag, depending what the back looks like (If it is same as front,the cylinder would not be able to stitch front and back. If only the front is that type seam, then a cylinder would be used to stitch the front first to get that look,then the back attached after. One of my machines has a 3 foot post, so i can easily sew hat boxes,golf bags or anything like first bag as well. I use several different machines during the building process so depending how i build it depends which machine i use.
  6. Depends on the case, But i make a lot of cases with it for linings.... I have used red, yellow,blue,purple colours. Makes the inside "fun" and will last forever and easy to clean with damp cloth... and No, it is not Too stiff to use as lining, in my opinion....
  7. My experience, I picked up a clicker that was wired for 550 volt for the motor. I was in a place that had three phase 220. I picked up a inverter from out vancouver way, had it wired up to kick the voltage up to the needed 550. worked like a dream. Moved it to single phase 220 place and no longer could use that set up. I pulled the motor out of clicker, picked up a 220 single phase motor and installed into clicker. On mine, the 550 volt was just for the motor. inside there was a Transformer that actually took the power down to 110 volt. The only thing that was 550 was the motor, the rest of the controls, switches,etc were 110. So it runs perfect now on 220 single phase. So yours Might be something similar to that. and you might get away with just swapping out the motor.....
  8. Good question on hours.... If i have a design all ready made up and is one that have made in past ,I can make up a case in 5-6 hour depending how intricate it is.More things can take 10-15 hour to make up if lots of pockets etc. Someone sent me a picture of a briefcase and asked me if i could make up something like it. So to make up from scratch takes a lot longer to make as i go. This one, had lots of other stuff going on with life so there were a lot of off and on times and never really took a look at time, more just to get it done. Someone once sent me a picture of one from the 1930's and asked if i could make up. That one was about 50 hours of time to make up. But if i had to guess i would say took about 30/35 hours to make up .
  9. Thanks, Been using them for parts for about 40 years... They have not had those barrel feet for about 8 years,nor any other supplier that i have used. So only way to get was get 6 feet of solid brass stock, metal working tools and make up. In one way, a good thing because before there was only one size fits all. This way, i can make them to whatever the case is i am making up.
  10. Thank you ! Here are a couple more pictures as asked... The brass feet on edge, no one is making anymore so i turned them myself out of solid stock.
  11. I have a #6, It still does a Beautiful stitch. I also had a #9 at one point because the shuttle nose of #6 sometimes gets in the way stitching but ended up selling that because even though had basic design of the pearson it could not do as nice as stitch as. Also hearing the clickity clack of everything messing as the machine is stitching makes a wonderful sound to listen to.
  12. Thank you, Will get a few more pictures... And, I lay the hide out and start designing/cutting/sewing/building as i go...
  13. Just finished off this week. 5/6 english bridle , solid brass hardware. Just have to stamp initials before sending off...