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  1. singer 42-5 sewing machine

    I am in Calgary,Alberta,Canada. T3h 0A2 Do you do paypal? Or what payment works? Thank you! Mike
  2. I am looking for the wax pot for a 42-5 Singer. Wondering if anyone has one for sale? Also, If anyone has any of the binding attachments that i have seen listed in the catalouge for this machine. Please contact me if you do. Thank you!
  3. Easy stitch length adjustment

    Yes, You need to address and adjust the pearson stitch length adjustment proper before it will work. Mine can adjust Any stitch i want and match any stitch i need... So works flawless to match old stitch holes...

    What is the cost of it?
  5. Looking for a patch machine

  6. I have used a awl to stick in the top hole and then you do small downward lite pressure. The needle shaft should start to drop and then pull with pliers...
  7. belting leather?

    Belting Leather is a firmer leather. The fibres are "squished"more to make a denser leather. Wicket and craig used to always have belting leather for purchase,in cordovan,natural,brown,black, but since so much leather has moved over seas it is harder to find belting leather. There were some manufacturing companies that used belting leather in their cases but that has moved to places like china now for production. I have made Many many cases out of belting leather over 50 years of case making,it is Wonderful leather to work with. I still use belting leather on all my machines. call me old fashion,but it is easy to make a new belt up to what i need when i need....
  8. Machine sewing close to raised edge

    Pearson is a much smoother machine, #9 sounds like a tractor when running, Way louder, more"jerky" than the pearson. The only limitation of the #6 is the shuttle system if you want to sew things that need to drop down when sewing by the needle. Which is why had picked up the #9. The machining was not as nice as it could of been. I think #9 is not a "bad" machine but because of the more "clunk" as sewing ,i think the parts will wear out due to the stress put on them when running. If the machining and design could of been slightly tweaked,then i think it would be a awesome machine to run..... Sold the 9 and got a bull instead. Much smoother running than the #9.
  9. Machine sewing close to raised edge

    I had a #9 machine, I kept the # 6 and sold the #9... It did not run as good as the pearson. I had all attachments for it. Left and right feet as well as the standard toe. So could sew close to the side without any problem. I can not remember the set up of attaching the feet but i would think it would be pretty easy to get one made up. Take the foot you have to a machine shop in town and ask them to make up one. In calgary,there is a machinist that i have used and can make up all parts for machines i have needed in past.
  10. Did you ever find someone to make for you? I am in Calgary if you are interested.
  11. Buckskin Leather dot com in Calgary - anyone use them?

    I was maybe the first customer,maybe second of Mikes when they opened in calgary way back when. 30 years ago maybe..... They just opened a new brick and mortar place on vancouver island as well as the calgary location. His daughters work with him.Price wise are in line with other suppliers, They have all types of leathers,some dyes,some thread. I couldn't tell you about the shipping aspect because i am a 20 minute drive away. But I do not believe you have to worry about ordering anything from them.
  12. Good Morning, I could make up in black for you. I am in calgary...
  13. Stitching a circle end of a duffle bag

    Internal sewn seam or external sewn seam, where it will be bound with binding?
  14. First Leather Binder

    Pretty much like that...
  15. First Leather Binder

    Because it is a oil tan leather, glue dose not work the best on a rolled edge like that. Will often lift like a bandaid. If you skive the edge to take the pressure off of the roll,you will have better success with it. On your corners,if you practice with the cut you will be able to make the corner a 45 degree edge where the edges bump nicely together. Instead of laying one edge over the other.