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  1. Stamping Logo into ostrich

    Has anyone Gold foiled stamped a Logo into Ostrich? I have never done ostrich, and the company i am making some articles up for want their Logo gold foiled stamped in. Cowhide, no problem. I have tried all sorts of temps on machine, Several different gold foils, Even blind stamping does not work that well. I have glued backing onto the leather and nothing gives me the clean stamp i am use to as in cowhide. I am wondering if because of the makeup of the hide it is not going to work... The "scraps" i am practicing on is bad enough to waste, def not trying on articles until i can get it how i want it... So thought i would see if anyone here has had success with ostrich. Thank you
  2. Chef Knife Roll case

    Thank you very kind of you!!!! Yes, a support is needed to be able to carry without it folding in on itself.. It vary's on what the load will be on what i use.
  3. Two Clickers For Sale

    Do you still have the 5 ton? If so, what price are you asking? Thank you
  4. Average Price for Genuine Ostrich? Been offered some...

    They were $650 for the two..
  5. Average Price for Genuine Ostrich? Been offered some...

    I get requests every once in awhile for ostrich cases.. Ie: i just got in two black hides yesterday about 17 sq feet each for some stuff people want made up for christmas. You might have to sit on them awhile before you an move them, depending how many you get and how good of deal you get so you can get your money out....
  6. Yours is def interesting to read... My machines came from the Mcbrine luggage factory a long time ago.. They made leather gladstone bags, rawhide wrapped cases. At one point i know they were making guitar cases for gibson ( i think was that brand) so they will sew through plywood and pretty much anything else needed to sew. Cases like... Everyone called him Mister J ( the owner of mcbrine) When i meet him he was well into his 90's, was a very kind soul. Honour and integrity was very high in his world... Now a days, everything is made off shore, but when these machines were used to make up cases,they were made to last... I use mine when i can not get other machines to sew what i want to sew... I can drop a hat box on it and sew the binding on without even thinking. They are great machines...
  7. So, by your measurements you have the small shank hook and awl... I have some in the small shanks that i can mail you out for you to at least play with your machine...
  8. I have a printer/scanner combo.... Never used... So will have to play with it to scan.. Its 91 pages of...
  9. This hook lines up pretty much your sizes...
  10. And then i have a bunch of loose ones, but have to fiqure out which are which because i also have a ton of landis 3 hooks and awls in tins.... Have to get a new battery on my micrometer to see diameter of shanks...
  11. The one thing that you will have to do to stitch with these machines, You need to have the thread "loop" around the thread looper for it to catch the hook of the machine....if that makes sense...
  12. I have "thousands" of hooks and awls kicking around.... Okay, maybe not quite that many.....but prob couple hundred or so... But will pull them out and see if they will work on your machine/ I also have the manual for the machines that tell you how/what you need as well as parts lists for machine... Not sure how to send you a copy... Most of machines are from 1870-1925 which suits me Just well..... computers, i do what i need on themmmmmmmmm
  13. Yup, That worked... This the rail that use.... Its 6 feet of track
  14. Tried to take picture of rail says to large format... only 1.46 allowed...