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  1. Leather Belt With Hair Still On It

    Thank you will give it a try. Richard
  2. Leather Belt With Hair Still On It

    Thanks Grampa Joel. Would I finish the edges the same as other belts?
  3. Leather Belt With Hair Still On It

  4. Leather Belt With Hair Still On It

    I have been asked to make a leather belt with hair still on the leather. I have not tried this before and would appreciate any tips, pointers or advice towards this project.
  5. [CONTACT] Posting

    I posted a Bible cover on the Show Off Forum on Monday morning (4-5-2011) and again this morning (4-6-2011) with pictures of this bible cover, but when I go back in to see if any comments have been made, the posting is not there. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your time Richard Name: Richard Tuttle UserName: RichKat Leather IP Address: Email Address:
  6. Bible Cover

    This is a bible cover that I tooled, using a basketweave design around the praying cowboy and horse with crosses on a hill. I sewed a zipper around it and put handles on it. The name stamp is dyed on the back edge. The backside is just basketweave tooled. Would like any constructive criticism and pointers as I am new to working with leather.
  7. Bible Cover