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  1. It's hard to argue with this logic. No wait, it isn't: Wonder how things have gone for the last couple years....
  2. Brass Drilled Solid Rivet

    I managed to find someone that sold those in 100 count bags with the caps, so yay for that! I found the listing on Ohio Travel bag, but there was some uncertainty to what I saw. Either way, I have some to compare to... :-) Does anyone have a suggestion on a set of dies for these? It looks like the dies that would be best are the ones for the Jiffy caps, but those are a bit domed and I'd prefer not to dome my nice flat rivets. I figure that my arbor press would be just fine, but that seems extreme for what we're doing.
  3. Brass Drilled Solid Rivet

    That is EXACTLY what I thought when I heard it. I didn't want to just claim he made up the name to heighten his product but at the same time, if the shoe fits... Thanks for getting back to me on this! I felt like I was going crazy even though I figured it was a nonsense name.
  4. Does anyone know what a "Solid Drilled Brass Rivet" is? I've been looking all day and have been, thus far, unable to locate a single reference to it outside of this one guys leather shop (I've been looking for hours now). He lists the specs for his dog collar as such: ♦ Highly water and stretch resistant♦ Stainless Steel hardware♦ Solid drilled brass rivets for durability♦ 9 size adjustment holes in 1/2 inch increments Additionally, I've included the front and backside of the rivets for ID. They look kind of like double caps, but there's no way a double cap would flatten to that thickness. My guess is that they're actually called something else as I've seen these elsewhere before.