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  1. Needle feed , cylinder arm

    I am looking for a needle feed , cylinder arm machine with or without the table ... probably prefer just the head as it might be easier for me to make shipping arrangements .If you are within few hours of driving from Toronto , then table and motor would be fine as i can pick it up myself Anything similar to a Consew 223R , Juki 321 and such would be great.Needs to be light/medium duty able to go all the way to a #138 thread , reverse and in good condition mechanically and aesthetically . Might consider similar walking foot machines if the price is right Please message me pictures and price of what your machine Thank you !
  2. Juki 1341 vs Consew 227

    .Hi there Are these machine pretty much the same thing? Are they using common accessories... feet... bobbins. and so on? Is one better than the other one? Thank you!
  3. Molds or templates???

    You can get display , blank phones on eBay for few dollars. Same goes for tablets too
  4. Here is a side by side comparison with the cheaper irons in 4mm...which still works fine with heavier thread
  5. The awl was used just for the pictures...i was trying to put the card holder in a better angle to eliminate some of the light reflexions . Thanks !
  6. I end up getting 2 sets or Beagle irons in 3.38m and 3.85mm and i am very happy with them. I might get the 3.0mm for fine stitching ...watch bands and so. They make smaller holer then my previous set which i like ia lot Here is a small card wallet i put together yesterday using the 3.85mm paired with #138 thread . Last picture is the 3.38mm / #138 thread Any comments are more than welcome
  7. Leather Die Press

    Tandy will take the faulty ones back...replacing them with a new set or full refund as far as i know
  8. Leather Die Press

    I bought a similar press , made in China, from a US distributor and the dies are horrible . The Line 20 and 24 caps would get stuck in the die and i would have to pry them out. The line #16 dies are usable but very finicky. I also got dies for eyelets along with a bunch of eyelets and they are pretty much useless...they get flatten because the dies are not machined properly. The press itself was badly finished and had rough edges ...poor quality built but did the job somehow. I was hoping to replace the expensive Tandy press along with it's dies but it wasn't worth it I assume there are many Chinese makers of these presses/dies , some better then others, but i will never buy another one unless i can get may hands on it and see how it performs
  9. Mystery tool? Looks like an ice pick? Help...

    Left hand T-bar to be more precise...hard to find.
  10. I didn't touch anything else ...i know my limitations...lol...
  11. I had the same problem stitching some of my wallets with the CB 4500 until i had another needle plate made that was a bit narrower and i shaved off a bit the feed dog to fit properly in it. I am using the same set up as you as far as needle/thread combination and same leather thickness and never had that issue anymore. 3 years ago i posted pictures of the new needle plate and as far as i remember , few forum members bought them and were happy with the results.They weren't as fancy as the ones posted by Uwe but they work . If i were you , i would probably stitched this lot by hand just because there are less then 15 stitches at a time. A Tippman Boss would be great for these Here are the pictures
  12. 3 more clicker dies

    Only the third clicker die is available ...first two are sold.
  13. Biker Wallet Clicker Dies

    Accepting reasonable offers...
  14. 3 more clicker dies

    Clicker dies have to go...accepting reasonable offers