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  1. Here is a picture of the pocket open and the flap that secures the small items inside it...instead of the zipper
  2. I can probably mail you a plastic template that i can cut with my clicker dies as i don't have a pdf file ...or any kind of file that i can email you
  3. It's a flap that covers the pocket and secure change or smaller items when the wallet is closed . In the past i used to put a zipper on that pocket. I will take a picture from a better angle if you want
  4. How's Brasov this time of year? Seems like a harsh winter...
  5. I am using 794S needles
  6. First go at a bag with gussets . I am still trying to find some heavy cotton webbing for strap Any comments and critiques are more then welcome. 4-5oz leather , stitched using a Cowboy CB 4500 with #138 bonded thread
  7. If you are looking for diamond chisels take a look at this guys...under $200 shipped http://www.crimsonhides.com/craft-tools.html Here is a review of those particular irons too
  8. You might want to reconsider the name , as this particular style is not called "zulu" . The buckle ,on the other hand ,is used for "Nato" or "Zulu" straps . Nice straps regardless...what's the spi and the thread you used ?
  9. I use 9-10 oz for both the top and the bottom... so it's easier to burnish the edges after bevel them . There are few treads here regarding burnishing edges. If you want to fold the edges in , use some softer 4oz leather , cut it twice the needed width and fold the edges all the way to the center ...this way you'll and up with a 6oz strip as a top accent . I use this technique to make the padding for my padded collars...posted some picture in "Other Specialties" Bellow is pictured a collar made out of 9-10 oz ...top and bottom strap. I beveled the edges using a cheap #2 beveler from Tandy, dyed them in black , burnished using a felt pad in a dremmel at medium/high speed and then applied some bees wax followed by some more burnishing
  10. Those are called "boot eyelethooks" ...as far as i remember i bought them on-line long time ago for a different project , but it works great as a chain attachment on wallets
  11. Haven't made one of these in a long time. 1.75in wide , 9-10oz black bridle , white crock print inlay , #277 bonded nylon thread , sewn with a Cowboy CB4500. As always, any comments or critiques are more than welcome
  12. Nice and clean!! What;s the spi and thread thickness you used?
  13. I used a 200 watts heating element in my unit and it worked without any issues. I am using 100 watts now and it does the job. You don't want to burn the leather . It doesn't take a lot of heat to leave a nice impression...at least from my experience
  14. Inside and outside is 4oz leather Here is a 7in version
  15. Take a look at this link here...one of the pictures shows the panels needed http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/parley/item/ea-22/