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  1. First Seat for 2019

    That's a very nice seat !!! I guess forming the metal "frame" on top was stressful part .
  2. Making a belt out of upholstery leather?

    What about a sleeve made out that upholstery leather for the rubber strap ? The strap can "free float" inside that sleeve... looks and the snugness...
  3. 31-20 treadle

    Roller feet are available for this machine and they work pretty good. I installed one on my 31-15 singer and i can sew through up to 6 oz getting a nice stitch too. You can also find videos on YouTube showing you how to install it too
  4. 4 Ton Weaver Leather Clicker Press

    Is this still up for sale ? Thanks !
  5. Pedestal Table

    I was just hoping for a deal...lol..There is a dealer in Montreal but who wants to pay retail ?
  6. Pedestal Table

    Bump !
  7. Maker Mark

    Here is mine...made in China for less than $30. The heating element and bottom plate were made by one of my friends. This way i can also hot stamp chrome tan with or without foil
  8. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    I tried the press using some of my dies ...few billfold wallet dies along with the pockets , card holders , key chain, watch straps dies , and it work just fine .Using a larger cutting board after removing the two small pins on the back of the bed will probably allow larger dies too. I was hoping for a swing arm too
  9. Pedestal Table

    Anybody ?
  10. Zonesun is selling some small dies too. I guess this press would work for the watch strap dies or the key chain dies he sells . There are few videos on YouTube showing this press in action . It seems to work ok on 3-4oz leather CowBoy is selling a similar press "CowBoy 8160" ...they also have a video on youtube
  11. Allowance for wet molds

    I got mine made out of 3/4in nylon with a 4mm gap . I will post a picture soon as i have a chance
  12. Manual clicker press

    Just pm me for details
  13. Manual clicker press

    Yes , still available
  14. Not leather work but....

    Sign me up for one of those too,,,They look great !!!