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  1. PM sent
  2. -key chain -$60 (bottom die) -wallet tab if you want to open it from either side -$60 ( can be used as a magnetic money clip) -belt buckle tab-$80 (meant for 1.5in belts) Free shipping if you get the 3 of them Thanks again !
  3. Both sets are sold ...thank you !
  4. Both sets are spoken for and waiting on payments Thank you !
  5. Up for sale are 6 clicker dies that will allow you to make at least 2 different 6in biker style wallets like the ones posted in my previous posts and also small zippered pouches , card holders and so on as these dies can be used in different configuration $350 for all 6 dies shipped withing N.America Same set also available in 7in for same price Both sets for $600 ( only one card pocket die will be sent if both sets are bought together ) Thank you !
  6. As mentioned in my previous post , price for this set of dies was lowered to $250 (or best offer ), shipping included Few other sets for biker wallets will be posted soon as i am trying to switch to other designs as far as wallets goes Thank you !
  7. SOLD ! Thank you !
  8. Also price drop for this set of "biker wallet" style of clicker dies. $250 shipped withing N. america
  9. Here is a set of 3 clicker dies used to make the handle and the double buckle set up for the laptop bag pictured bellow. The dies were used once with a clicker press and are in great shape. Feel free to ask any question regarding this set $170 for the set shipped withing N .America ( US and Canada) Thank you !
  10. +1 on the double loops...works great with the design. A square lock would have been my choice though
  11. www.sima-prague.com. Try to contact him through his web-site . I follow him on instagram ( simaprague) and i saw the post few days ago...then i remember you asking about that style on the forum.
  12. Get yourself a set of round corner punches like this one and you'll save a lot of time .
  13. Here is an open 4 cards cardholder with room for cash. 5in tall , 3 cards on the front and one on the back , stitched with #92 made out of 3oz Decided to use the black one as a keychain ...hence the eyelet As usual , any comments are more then welcomed Thanks !
  14. Here is a picture of the pocket open and the flap that secures the small items inside it...instead of the zipper
  15. I can probably mail you a plastic template that i can cut with my clicker dies as i don't have a pdf file ...or any kind of file that i can email you