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  1. Tandy's New Clicker Press

    I tried the press using some of my dies ...few billfold wallet dies along with the pockets , card holders , key chain, watch straps dies , and it work just fine .Using a larger cutting board after removing the two small pins on the back of the bed will probably allow larger dies too. I was hoping for a swing arm too
  2. Pedestal Table

    Anybody ?
  3. Zonesun is selling some small dies too. I guess this press would work for the watch strap dies or the key chain dies he sells . There are few videos on YouTube showing this press in action . It seems to work ok on 3-4oz leather CowBoy is selling a similar press "CowBoy 8160" ...they also have a video on youtube
  4. Allowance for wet molds

    I got mine made out of 3/4in nylon with a 4mm gap . I will post a picture soon as i have a chance
  5. Manual clicker press

    Just pm me for details
  6. Manual clicker press

    Yes , still available
  7. Not leather work but....

    Sign me up for one of those too,,,They look great !!!
  8. Clicking from the "wrong side"

    Clicking from the "wrong side" will put a bevel on that side's edges as you noticed Depending on how you gonna put those pieces together , it might be a good thing ..or not. For anything under 2-3oz it will probably not make a difference. When i made my pocket dies (left and right side) i actually made just one longer die and then cut the leather piece in half ending up with 2 pockets ( left and right side) . The longer die was cheaper then having 2 individual dies made . I would also use the longer die to make the pockets for long wallets where the card would be side by side with stitching in between them . The pockets pictured bellow (left and right side) were just one long pocket that i cut down the middle
  9. Card wallet

    I used an adjustable edge creaser (like the one pictured)heated with a regular lighter ..i am happy that detailed didn't go unnoticed . Thanks !
  10. Card wallet

    I am still fighting with the back side when hand stitching.and i didn't want to take any chances on this wallet as it took me about 2 hours to make it...lol...I also wanted to try that Nakajima even though i dont have a motor for it yet and i had to turn it by hand The print is an older piece of leather i had for over 6-7 years from the time i used to make dog collars ...used it as an inlay. I's a croc belly print , 3-4oz probably
  11. Here is an older card wallet design i made , using now glazed pig skin for lining and pockets ..I am so happy with the outcome that i had to post it under "show off" Also first time using my new acquisition, Nakajima 341 ...excellent machine ! Any comments including critiques are welcomed
  12. Custom collars needed

    Here is some of my work as far as collars goes. Feel free to contact me if interested.Thanks ! MollossMaster Collars
  13. custom clicker dies

    His shop was only 10 minutes from me...we used to spend hours talking...very nice guy! I contacted the guy that bought his equipment but i never had the chance yet to drop by his shop and see the quality of his dies. He is only about an hour from me.
  14. custom clicker dies

    Economy die went out of business few monts ago...retired actually...Zlatco was my "go to guy" too
  15. Pedestal Table

    Looking for a pedestal table for a cylinder arm sewing machine .Please message me with pictures , cost and location. Thank you !