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  1. Mystery tool? Looks like an ice pick? Help...

    Left hand T-bar to be more precise...hard to find.
  2. I didn't touch anything else ...i know my limitations...lol...
  3. I had the same problem stitching some of my wallets with the CB 4500 until i had another needle plate made that was a bit narrower and i shaved off a bit the feed dog to fit properly in it. I am using the same set up as you as far as needle/thread combination and same leather thickness and never had that issue anymore. 3 years ago i posted pictures of the new needle plate and as far as i remember , few forum members bought them and were happy with the results.They weren't as fancy as the ones posted by Uwe but they work . If i were you , i would probably stitched this lot by hand just because there are less then 15 stitches at a time. A Tippman Boss would be great for these Here are the pictures
  4. 3 more clicker dies

    Only the third clicker die is available ...first two are sold.
  5. Biker Wallet Clicker Dies

    Accepting reasonable offers...
  6. 3 more clicker dies

    Clicker dies have to go...accepting reasonable offers
  7. Few Padded Collars

    I take the pictures myself
  8. Chinese pricking irons

    I had to share these ...just found them on Ebay...the seller's name is baverleathercraft
  9. New projects

    Because of the distressed look of the leather used for the larger bag , i thought leaving the edges unburnished will look better
  10. New projects

    Ok...i got it now...lol...a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks again !!!
  11. New projects

    Here is an improved version of the smaller pouch. I added a card pocket on the back , made the flap longer adding a pocket on the inside too. All hand stitched using #138 thread and the new set of Wuta irons ( 3.85mm) i got few weeks ago. Any critiques especially regarding my stitching are appreciated Thank you !
  12. Wuta Stitching Irons

    I am still trying to improve my saddle stitch using stitching irons Here is the front (left side) and the back (right side) .It looks like the i was not holding the irons perpendicularly when punching the holes and the back is not as straight as the front. Critiques and suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you !
  13. Wuta Stitching Irons

    Here is a simple card holder made using the Wuta pricking irons...the #207 thread seems a bit to heavy on this one
  14. Wuta Stitching Irons

    You can also use one of those adjustable edge creaser from Tandy. It leaves a wider groove..and as alpha2 said, put more pressure on it . Initially i thought the tips are flat, but they are round and it sinks in the grove a bit. i was gonna get the Crimson but i couldn't justify spending the extra money. I just wished the handles were a bit beefier ...but overall i am happy with them
  15. Wuta Stitching Irons

    2 and 8 teeth ...got them on ebay