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  1. Are you the guy that makes acrylic templates from customer patterns?

    1. jk215


      Hello! I do make acrylic templates from patterns.


  2. Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Templates

    Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Hello all! Wanted to throw my hat in the ring offering custom laser cut acrylic templates from my company Makesupply. All my templates (custom or stocked) are cut from durable 3/32" cast acrylic. Quotes are quickest for completed vector files but I am flexible. Can work with drawings or pictures and measurements of your paper templates. The majority of orders will ship within 2 days of payment. Here is a link with more information on the process and pricing: http://shop.makesupply-leather.com/pages/custom-acrylic-leather-templates Thanks! Justin
  4. Where To Buy Cites Certified Crocodile/alligator Hide

    Pretty sure American Tanning & Leather is your best bet.
  5. Where To Get Leather Hardware?

    I use http://www.buckleguy.com/ for most of my hardware. Good service and quick shipping.
  6. Hello all. The machine is a consew 206rb-5. I am running #92 thread / 18 needle. Everything has been fine up until today and I cant figure out why this is happening. I thread the machine as I normally do and started to notice that after I pull the thread up from the thread controller and past the wire spring it doesnt sit evenly on top of that little nipple. It is kind of laying off to the side unless I physically move it back. When sewing it will sometimes run fine but then randomly the thread will bounce out of the thread controller and obviously mess up whatever I am sewing. Any ideas on what to check? I cleaned up some build up in the thread controller top area and re-threaded like 10 times. Of course this is happening during Christmas rush .
  7. S.b. Foot - Anyone Interested?

    Would be open to it granted there was a good amount of info on the colors, tannage, weights, etc. You pretty much only see belts and boots made from SB Foot stuff so its hard to visualize. I know a great deal of us make smaller items (wallets, card holders, etc) in lighter weights and there is always room for more options at the 3-4oz level. So many distributors neglect the lighter weights.
  8. Upholstery Leather For Wallet?

    Just like with veg tan there are different grades. If you are looking at springfield something like this: http://springfieldleather.com/18742/Hide%2CKampelli%2CBrandy%2CSqFt/ looks really nice. Ive been eyeing it up myself for some wallet products. The cheaper stuff looks more "artificial" because it is usually highly processed and coated with all kinds of stuff.
  9. Big SLC fan never had any problems. Also highly recommend!
  10. Here is a template I made for a simple 2 pocket card wallet with cash strap on the back. If you want to check out the full post with video tutorial and list of tools used you can see that here: http://makesupply-leather.com/leathercraft-tutorials/leather-cash-strap-card-wallet-free-pdf-template-build-along-video-tutorial/ . If youve got that covered you can just directly download the template here: http://makesupply-leather.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/makesupply-cash-strap-card-wallet-template.pdf Thanks for checking it out!
  11. I make a product (notebook case) that requires me to sew from 1 to 3 layers depending on what part of the design I am at. Usually the 2 and 3 layer sections stay pretty uniform but obviously the tension isnt right when it gets to the part where there is only 1 layer. Is it common to adjust upper thread tension while sewing to accommodate problem spots?
  12. Thanks! I never would have looked down that hole. Ill give it a shot.
  13. Hello all. Getting a lot of feed dog track marks on the bottom of my work and looking to remedy. I wanted to try reducing the presser foot tension but having trouble locating some instructions. Couldnt find anything in the manual or guides. Can anyone help? Thanks!