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  1. Sling/Cuff combo

    Thanks for all the kind words. It was a fun project. Wish she would have given me more than two days notice that she needed it done. But what can you do.
  2. Did this Sling/Cuff combo for a customer's brother for Christmas.
  3. I have made a few rifle cuffs and everyone slides back and forth. I usually just attach them with paracord or boot laces. I am think a small piece of double side tape to keep it from sliding. My concern is will the tape cause damage to the wood stock? Thoughts on this?
  4. Conway buckle question

    Did you still use a Chicago screw to hold the sling swivel on?
  5. I am working on a rifle sling and am looking for a fairly quick adjust system. Any reason why I shouldn't use a Conway buckle to achieve this?
  6. I have had a couple of people contact me to build this vest holster from Boondock Saints. Seems cumbersome to be honest.
  7. Fender bib

    Ended up finding a throw away one from Harley.
  9. photo HELP!!!!!

    I upload all my pictures to photobucket and then use there direct photo link to post pictures.
  10. Yes he is a member here but I don't think he has been on in a long time.
  11. I would say no. Doesn't look like enough material to do the job properly
  12. Few more clicker dies

    What are the dimensions on the key chain clicker?
  13. It's almost an exact copy of the Glock.
  14. Fender bib

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a rear fender bib pattern for a 2015 Harley street glide?
  15. What is this called and how to do it?

    That looks like a Duane Ballard piece. He is a super cool dude just email him and ask. I would be surprised if he did not answer you.