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  1. Fender bib

    Ended up finding a throw away one from Harley.
  3. photo HELP!!!!!

    I upload all my pictures to photobucket and then use there direct photo link to post pictures.
  4. Yes he is a member here but I don't think he has been on in a long time.
  5. I would say no. Doesn't look like enough material to do the job properly
  6. Few more clicker dies

    What are the dimensions on the key chain clicker?
  7. It's almost an exact copy of the Glock.
  8. Fender bib

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a rear fender bib pattern for a 2015 Harley street glide?
  9. What is this called and how to do it?

    That looks like a Duane Ballard piece. He is a super cool dude just email him and ask. I would be surprised if he did not answer you.
  10. Holster Patterns

    Here are two Shield holsters made from your pattern I did the second one has a crimson trace light/laser combo on it.
  11. Holster Patterns

    Thanks Jeff
  12. Holster Patterns

    Thanks some how I missed it.
  13. Holster Patterns

    Anyone do a Glock 43 avenger? Need to make a IWB for a 43. Thanks
  14. Heat forming

    Yeah I was pretty dumbfounded. I hope the customer doesn't come back and say it has screwed up his holster.
  15. I work full time at a local gun shop who also sell some of my product. I recently did a custom job for a S&W Shield with a crimson trace light laser combo. After I formed the holster the owner of the gun shop came out of the back and tells my client the he needs to put his shield in a bag jam it in the holster smother it in saddle soap and put it on the heat register over night and it will form to his shield. I had never heard of doing this before. I would love to hear some input on this.