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  1. Yeah I liked it (so much I took my wife later that night) and saw it again. Thanks for all the help I think he might be getting a holster for christmas.
  2. So my Dad and I went a day saw the new Magnificent 7 ando he stated the he liked this cross draw that Chris Pratt's character. I can not for the life of me figure out how they attached the back at the angle. Has anyone made one and if so do you have pictures of the back?
  3. Is that the stuff from Tandy? I made a holster from the piece I have I ended up glue it to a piece of 6 Oz leather that way it worked as a lining on the holster.
  4. Does anyone know if the NAA bluefin is for there 22 mag? Thanks.
  5. Hi. New to leather work. Trying to make one for a friend.Got to practice. He wants a crossdraw for a G19. I saw you made a cross draw avenger style awhile back and was wondering if you have a pattern I can use or how you ajusted the can't on what I assume is a right hand strong side carry on?

    1. glockanator


      I actually didn't make the pattern I used. another member sent it to me. sorry

    2. Mattsbagger


      Ok thanks. Trying one right now.

  6. I guess no one was interested.
  7. I am doing a giveaway here are the details for those interested. If you decide to get in on this please post on the original post. Thanks hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.
  8. Here's the deal I have approximately 100 snaps that I am not going to use. I will send them to some one free but you have to put up something as a Karma give back. It has to be related to leatherworking and the giver pays shipping. I will let this run til 9/10/16. If you want in just simply comment I'm in. I will randomly select a winner and send them too you.
  9. I was going to say the same thing. I have found that if you give taps and a ir ular motion they seat fine. It's a lot like peeing over a rivet. If you just hit it with a big hammer it will cause problems.
  10. If I was going to make one I would go this route. This design could be easily modified to fit several different needs depending on how you plan on carrying it.
  11. Anyone tried to make bicycle grips? Would love to make some just not sure how to go about it.
  12. Thanks for bringing this point up as I forgot to mention it. As this was my first attempt at anything like this. I did use a iron to hest the image after I let it dry for a couple of days. I think an oven would work better though.
  13. It was dry. The one thing I will say was this was my second attempt. The first one I did not leave to dry long enough so when I put on the resolene it faded bad and made the image all muddy. On this one I let it sit for about 3 days (may have been over kill) and then buffed it before I put the finish on. It still faded but not like the other one did.
  14. This is how I did it.
  15. I did this holster for Deputy_hookem on instagram. The image is of his hip hop CD cover.