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  1. I just finished up this quick little jammer.
  2. Rhino 60ds

    What kind of pattern are you after? Pancake, avenger, crossdraw, SOB, thigh holster?
  3. duck tote or carrier

    Right here boss.
  4. To be honest your best bet is to make your own pattern. That way you can make it specifically for the knife in question.
  5. Does anyone know of a grey leather dye? I have been asked to do a flag piece in grey scale. I have thought of trying to reduce blk dye and see what I get. Anyone tried this or know a source?. Thanks
  6. So I made this seat about two weeks ago. The customer just called and said that the color is starting to lift. I have done several holster the same way and have never had any if the come back because of the color coming off. I used saddle lab and the sealer. And suggestions on how to prevent this from happening?
  7. Yeah that is exactly what happened. Ended up taking it as close to natural as possible and then re dyed everything
  8. I have been working on a top panel of a motorcycle seat for the last week or so. I got everything dyed and when I out the Resolene on it removed some of the Dye/cova color. Can I use deglazer and remove the Resolene and do my touch up?
  9. Sling/Cuff combo

    Thanks for all the kind words. It was a fun project. Wish she would have given me more than two days notice that she needed it done. But what can you do.
  10. Did this Sling/Cuff combo for a customer's brother for Christmas.
  11. I have made a few rifle cuffs and everyone slides back and forth. I usually just attach them with paracord or boot laces. I am think a small piece of double side tape to keep it from sliding. My concern is will the tape cause damage to the wood stock? Thoughts on this?
  12. Conway buckle question

    Did you still use a Chicago screw to hold the sling swivel on?
  13. I am working on a rifle sling and am looking for a fairly quick adjust system. Any reason why I shouldn't use a Conway buckle to achieve this?
  14. I have had a couple of people contact me to build this vest holster from Boondock Saints. Seems cumbersome to be honest.