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  1. There are a load of tutorials on youtube, but you need to search paracord knots. I make these for lanyards with beads (in paracord) but as you see it can be done with leather. Nice job on the leather ones!
  2. seeing how large an elephant is why are the hides so expensive? They are not hard to find, and they seem like pretty slow animals. IJS
  3. I don't the cost as long as it is worth it quality wise, but I get better grades from Hobby Lobby than I did with SLC. Maybe I will call back and try to talk to someone else.
  4. Any you would recommend.
  5. Purchased there HERMANN OAK PREMIUM VEG TAN BELT BEND 7-8 OZ at $159.00, I expected to get something close to "A grade" since its labeled premium. I was surprised to find several holes and blems in this piece. Customer service wasn't concerned at my dissatisfaction either. You can only skin this sheep once, I will just have to find another supplier. I give them 1 star.
  6. Very nice Sir! WOW...
  7. We get a lot of French Canadians down here in Florida!
  8. Thank you for your comments. Not sure how you mean to fold over, to lay closed or end so uniformly? I create my templates in adobe illustrator so after a couple of test runs I get the size I like and its a done deal. I believe the first one was 4oz and the inner pockets are a little heavier like 7-8oz I believe that seems to give the sides a little weight to lay closed. The first wallet is basically the same design as the splattered ones except to cut down on sewing time I made the splatter wallets from one piece of leather cutting out the need to sew the bottom edge. I take the stitch outside the seem mostly to show that it is hand stitched like Matt S stated. I do not care for a stitching groove either. I have been using tiger thread without any issues of wear.
  9. very nice
  10. Very nice, I like the deer design it is somewhat Celtic in style and beautiful edges.
  11. Thank you, the peddle interior is actually frog skin. For picture size I had some trouble getting the right size for the forum, I will work on that. The small strap is doubled up to give a pull tab it is not stitched and just the front 1/2 glued as to not appear to busy.
  12. I think you are referring to the 4th one, it is a flap for the credit card pocket. I made welt I believe you call it, so there are 3 layers of leather around the outside the front the back and then another for thickness like for the knife edge side of a sheath. Thanks for your comments.
  13. Here are a couple of wallets I made recently, hope you like them. Some made from bags of scrap leather.
  14. Here are a couple of wallets I made recently, hope you like them.