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  1. I don't the cost as long as it is worth it quality wise, but I get better grades from Hobby Lobby than I did with SLC. Maybe I will call back and try to talk to someone else.
  2. Any you would recommend.
  3. Purchased there HERMANN OAK PREMIUM VEG TAN BELT BEND 7-8 OZ at $159.00, I expected to get something close to "A grade" since its labeled premium. I was surprised to find several holes and blems in this piece. Customer service wasn't concerned at my dissatisfaction either. You can only skin this sheep once, I will just have to find another supplier. I give them 1 star.
  4. Very nice Sir! WOW...
  5. We get a lot of French Canadians down here in Florida!
  6. Thank you for your comments. Not sure how you mean to fold over, to lay closed or end so uniformly? I create my templates in adobe illustrator so after a couple of test runs I get the size I like and its a done deal. I believe the first one was 4oz and the inner pockets are a little heavier like 7-8oz I believe that seems to give the sides a little weight to lay closed. The first wallet is basically the same design as the splattered ones except to cut down on sewing time I made the splatter wallets from one piece of leather cutting out the need to sew the bottom edge. I take the stitch outside the seem mostly to show that it is hand stitched like Matt S stated. I do not care for a stitching groove either. I have been using tiger thread without any issues of wear.
  7. very nice
  8. Very nice, I like the deer design it is somewhat Celtic in style and beautiful edges.
  9. Thank you, the peddle interior is actually frog skin. For picture size I had some trouble getting the right size for the forum, I will work on that. The small strap is doubled up to give a pull tab it is not stitched and just the front 1/2 glued as to not appear to busy.
  10. I think you are referring to the 4th one, it is a flap for the credit card pocket. I made welt I believe you call it, so there are 3 layers of leather around the outside the front the back and then another for thickness like for the knife edge side of a sheath. Thanks for your comments.
  11. Here are a couple of wallets I made recently, hope you like them. Some made from bags of scrap leather.
  12. Here are a couple of wallets I made recently, hope you like them.
  13. As I stated I was in the military, more specifically since you asked; I was on a Sub in the Navy. I have worked a port and starboard shift, so yes long hours everyday including weekends and holidays, background for security clearance yes (secret security clearance level), pt tests yes, drug tests, yada yada... and just as you said about LE, you/we volunteered for military service knowing you can not quit and knowing the danger (if you were in the military). The difference, I have been in both Military and a First responder fields so I am not biased to one or the other, and I deeply respect both for there duty and sacrifice. I am saying that they both are equally dangerous. The danger and stress of both jobs are real and are very high. Not in the top 10 dangerous jobs? Where do you get your facts? CNBC considers Police, Correction officers, Fire, and Emergency Medical techs in the top ten (by the way that would make 4 out of the 10 of the most dangerous jobs being First responders, IJS). Here is the link http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/12/the-most-dangerous-jobs-in-america.html?slide=1 (Notice the date 2016, so it is current). I am not bitching about my "low paying shitty job" as you stated. I love my job and helping people, even rude un-informed people like yourself. Could I get a better paying job,sure. I had a better paying job, but no bonus or dollar sign compares to when I save a life or help someone to safety when everyone else is to scared to. No one becomes a Firefighter to get rich, that is not going to happen. I am glad you make lots of money and I hope you like your job and it makes you happy, because I love what I do. I did not say that Military members were over paid, maybe the Officers that sit on there ass are (the benefits that O-5 and higher get are ridiculous). The enlisted are under paid. With that, pay is only relevant to the area someone works. A cop in NY or LA will make more than one in Indiana just for the simple fact of the cost of living. Where I live a sheriff deputy will start out at 38K a year, I dont think that is "vastly overpaid". My point was to express that the jobs of first responders are equally dangerous and stressed filled as the Military can be. You then question what and where and how I served. As a veteran, does it matter if I was a secretary, a cook, or a sniper to get a military discount anywhere, no it doesn't. So don't take the most extremely dangerous position in the military and then use it to compare all other jobs, because there are guys that fly remote controlled planes and others that do computer repair in the military that never see any action or injury other than maybe the risk of carpal tunnel or a paper cut and still get a "Military Discount". It seems that your office job has turned you into an angry liberal, but that is just my opinion, and I wish you well.
  14. No LE or no First responder caught up in a Te 1968 scenario? You forget the first responders on 9/11? I can assure you I have seen just as many dead bodies and held just as many dying men, women, and children in my arms or more than you sir. The same men that "volunteer" for the military are the same ones that volunteer for LE and as first responders. I am both, I was in the Military during the Gulf war and I am a FireMedic now. I can say that I am put in harms way more often now as a Firemedic. The military may not pay inlisted much but the benefits equal it out. In the military I had a free house, free electric, tax free shopping at PX etc... As for the pay of a first responder haha, it would be nice to make the big bucks you guys think..lol.. I have the training to total a masters degree yet make less than my sister-in-law who is a retail manager of lane bryant. It seems ignorance is bountiful here... My career as a firemedic has given me 2 knee surgeries, 4 herniated disks, oh yea and Cancer... but its not dangerous.