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  1. EBay - leatherhut7138
  2. What types of products are you making? Accessories for those figurines, or larger scale items? I'm interested but I would need more information, AC is a two hour ride for me. Thanks, Keith
  3. Wouldn't you want your top piece smaller? I tried in another post to get answers on this and a couple of people said my top piece was too big, and I should subtract the thickness of the leather from the original circumference.
  4. Very very nice mike! How do you calculate your measurements for the pieces? The seat I just finished came out a little wrinkly at the end of lacing.
  5. Please draw the solution, I'm lost! Creepy? Ya think? Its a bar stool for a biker, so creepy works well!
  6. I made both top and bottom the same, bottom came out smooth, but not top, I think it has to do with the added padding, but I'm not sure why. My side piece was cut to the exact measurement of the circumference.
  7. I got wrinkles on the last bit of lacing, seat turned out great until the last ten holes! All holes were equal. What gives?
  9. Look up the Leather hut in Brooklyn, they sell some decent hides, no veg tan though. As far as tools go I haven't a clue. I'm only 45 mins from CS Osborne in Harrison NJ and I still pay$ 30 in shipping!! Figure that out.
  10. Your work is absolutely gorgeous no matter rookie or not, its the meaning that counts. At a time like that no one should judge any imperfections of your work. In my honest opinion it looks great, and i would pay top dollar . My condolences, Keith
  11. How far west in Jersey, I'm near Trenton and i love the idea. I haven't seen too many people from our area on this site. Hopefully this will attract more!
  12. Add me to please.
  13. Could you pm me as well im interested! Thanks, Keith