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  1. De-Lurking

    You can go two routes with the "stitches" look. Either carve your line and actually hand stitch in thread (my mask making partner in crime likes that method) or tool it in with a small figure carving stamp (I don't remember exactly which one I use...looks like one you would use for seed work or rope). I'm sure there are other ways as well but those are the two I've used/seen used to great effect!
  2. Coloring Suggestions

    Nice coloring sir!
  3. Coloring Suggestions

    Hmm, well doing red clay would make sense, so how about that?
  4. De-Lurking

    Aw shucks, thanks. The technique for the bark is super simple for the great results it gives- just make sure you use something that will darkened the details. I love using the eco flo all in one fudge brown for it.
  5. De-Lurking

    Hello! I've been a lurker on the forums for while and figured it was about time to emerge and maybe put out a post or two every so often. I'm a self taught (but then aren't most of us?) leatherworker and have been for the past 3 years. I've always loved leather masks and decided to give it a whirl on my own after reading some of the lovely tutorials out there (Merimask and Tom Banwell- thank you for sharing your knowledge!) I primarily do masks, and commissions for my local larper friends, though I'm working on designing more leather sculptures as well. I'm definitely not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I've learned a lot here from the forums and I'd like to give back that help to new folks as I can! I've thrown up a couple of my fav mask pics so folks can see what I'm about. E
  6. Aardvark Mask?

    This is a great photo. Not only does it highlight the wonderful workmanship of the respirators, but it tells a story. The fact that you cast your own resin work for it as well has always been impressive. Very inspiring!