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    We specialize in holsters and accessories for civilians who carry concealed.

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  1. Nice workmanship. Beautiful colors. One question: Why not drop the gun a little deeper into the holster and cover the trigger guard?
  2. Very Nice! Where do you get your buckles from?
  3. Yeah,that's the thing. We turn out 12-15 pieces a week -- but very few have slots. tk
  4. That's certainly true, but who wants to spend 30 minutes making belts slots on a $75 holster? Punching to the final size is a world easier.
  5. Gents, There's just not going to be any comparison between the custom punch and the Osborne. Don't misunderstand -- I've got at least $1,000 worth of Osborne tools, and they are professional-quality tools. They are lightyears ahead of the crap from Tandy, and there is a noticeable difference in quality from other consumer-tool companies products -- General, Stanley, etc. The problem is that their bag punches, like everyone else's, are just too damn narrow. My heavy-duty belts are 3/8" thick. I have to either punch the slots with the Osborne bag punch and then open the slot up with a Foredom and a tungsten bit, or punch half-inch round holes and connect them via chisel.
  6. I call my flat-backed pancake a "crepe" -- because it's a better pancake <g>.
  7. Absolutely right. The difference is the way the holster behaves. The flat-backed holster maintains its shape better, will be more comfortable, and has better reholstering.
  8. Those are excellent for first steps. I predict excellent things from you...
  9. Very nice. Well thought out and smartly executed.
  10. Lowlife, we make paddle holsters, but they're suitable only for smaller guns. Which model do you specifically have? You can drop me a note at or give me a buzz at 321-537-4784. tk
  11. Josh, just lovely -- as usual.