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  1. Triangle Bag Rear Left Side

    Bag looks great! Im sure it looks even better on to its place in a bike!
  2. Triangle Bag Rear Left Side

    Of course! I should on known this! (newbie on this end, if you didnt allready guessed) Still looks great though!
  3. Triangle Bag Rear Left Side

    So the sides will be black leather and the front, back and bottom will be natural leather color? Sounds cool!
  4. Triangle Bag Rear Left Side

    That tribal kind of pattern looks great! Is this "Tikkimies" belt another project, or part of this one?
  5. Hey Chancey77!

    Are you the same Chancey that has ad on the Kopteri magazine?

    I´ve been "hibernating" and just getting back to life after winter. I´m located near Oulu. I still don´t have much work to show, but you can find my posts in the motorcycle gear thread.

  6. Tool Roll

    Hey there! I finally finished my second project, a tool roll for my wifes Sportster. It still needs to get protective coating on it. Would love to get critique from you guys, and maybe some pointers how to improve on my next one.
  7. MOI! Mitä Kuulu!

    Where is the pictures of your work? And where do you live?

  8. All companies ive asked are located inside EU so the customs shouldnt be the problem. Ive looked Eco flo antiques (as they are waterbased and should be possible to ship through air) but what i can see in videos and pictures it seems the finishing isnt as nice as it is after using Fiebings paste? Dont know if thats just me, or is it so? In Tjader lader web site there is Fiebings Antique stain, can it be used to get similar finishing as you get with there paste? Or is this stain more like dye thats used to get even coverage over the whole piece?
  9. Thats great! Thank you again Oldtimer! Another great find in swedish, i really should of been awake in swedish classes in school Funny thing that this Skinlaven or Tjader lader doesnt have english option on there web site. Ive spent many hours in the web trying to find a shop like these two. This Honefoss is on our planned route on our way back, but i'm not sure if we have enough time to go as far as we have planned? Travelling in Norway is sometimes quite slow, theres so much to see everywhere you go.
  10. I will definately try on that shoepolish! Its easily available, even here. I think the thing with shipping is that if those Fiebings products are flammable as i think they are, theyre not allowed in air cargo and needs to be shipped by land/sea. Thing that i cant understand is why all the companies dont want to ship anyway other than air? Benlilly that offer of yours is really awesome, and if i cant get these shoepolish tryouts to work and Swedish company dont ship to me, i will definately get back to you on that!
  11. Thank you again Oldtimer! Another great link! It seems i need to learn Swedish to find all the good stuff:) I will E-mail them after my summer holiday and ask about the shipping. Or if my holiday trip to Norway is going faster than planned i might have a detour on the way back and go on to the Jädraås myself.
  12. Thank you dbusarow! That shoepolish is a great idea! I will buy something cheap and try on that first. But i'm still littlebit confused on that fiebings paste vs. stain antiques?
  13. Thank you 50years of leather! I actually have an airbrush allready in my shelf and i'm quite handy with it, so i think i might give it a try. And Oldtimer thats a great link, thank you for that! Sadly my Swedish is really bad so i dont know what those texts mean. I have to ask help from a friend whos Swedish is way better. Do you know if they will ship to Finland? I found couple of Fiebings products on there site but not the Antiquing paste. Could someone tell me how does the Antique stain differs from the Paste? Could i use it instead of the paste or is there totally different use for it? Thank you again!
  14. Hey there! I have been searching for about a week now for a place to get antiquing paste, but with no luck. I have asked couple of european shops if they ship Febings paste to my country (Finland) but they say it's not possible since it cant be shipped by air and they dont want ship any other way. I have E-mailed to Fiebings directly if they could ship here or direct me to someone who will, but with no answer. I'm starting to think theres no way getting that stuff here, so is there any way to get antiqued looking finish on the leather without these pastes? I can get leather dye, if that's any help? Thank you!
  15. How To Change Country From My Profile?

    Thank you Johanna!