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  1. I am considering experimenting with an airbrush for dye applications and was wondering for those that use one, if a gravity fed or syphon fed is preferred. I don't have any experience with airbrushes, is one type over the other easier to learn and use? Thanks in advance!
  2. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Thanks for the kind words guys! It does go well with the bike and Nick's happy to have it on there. Says it much more comfortable than the temp he's been using the last 10 months. I am liking the darker shades the more I see it mounted, I am kinda thinking the dark color helps make it pop bit from the paint. This w650 was his first build and he's included some nice details to it like the struts while getting it all done on a pretty low budget. The seat was my contribution since I suck at any kind of mechanical work and wasn't much help with that aspect.
  3. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Thanks for the kind words, thats quite a compliment! I don't know if it was necessarily taking time to plan ahead or just slacking off, haha. I definately struggled through parts of the process but am happy with the end result and happy to be done! I learned a lot, especially with the advice here and expect things will go smoother on anything I try in the future. Thank you! I appriciate you feedback and tips through the process too. I tried to go for a little bit of the halo effect that you metioned early one by darking the edges of my background around the figure and roses with extra coats of the background color. It was looking pretty sharp but unfortunately the entire seat darkened when I sealed it up. I hope it will lighten up some but I don't know for sure. Glad to know I'm not the only one who puts stuff off for a long time. My buddy is happy to see his seat on his bike now for sure but I guess he really can't complain about the extended timeline when it's for free. We took a ride up through the mountains on Sunday and here are a few shots I took of the seat on his bike when we stopped for a break.
  4. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Thank you very much. I am pleased with my results, especially considering this is my second attempt tooling. I definately would not have gotten the end result that I did without all the great advice and tips I recieved on this forum. It was a huge help! I did a little bit of touch up dyeing and darkening to the flowers and background last night and will hopefully get the touchups i need on the black done tonight after the kids go to bed. I put this away for so long it is great to be this close to finished. Just in time for it to go on the bike for
  5. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    I had some things come up that required me to take some time off from this seat but I finally got back to and it and got it laced and dyed recently. Feels good to be almost done. My friend that I am making it for will be happy to get it on his bike after all this time.
  6. Untitled Album

  7. 57 Panhead All Saints Seat

    WOW! That is sweet. 3 days... now I am really feeling like a slacker.
  8. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Cyberthrasher, Good suggestions, I will need to start practicing with the dyes. Thanks for the tip on dry brushing. One concern is definately what to do if the dye "bleeds" into the leather at all and what steps to prevent that. Santo, Thanks a bunch and I did the background with the E294. I started with the pebbled looking one, I think M882 but didn't like it as much as the way I was picturing it so I went over it all with the new one and hit it in there pretty hard to get more contrast. I followed Chancey's advice and twisted it back and forth with each strike with an even rhythm. Maybe a quarter turn or so between hits and rolled it back and forth. I think I was jamming to the Bastard Suns though instead of the Ramones. Chancey, Thanks, I am pleased with the outcome for sure even though some steps I didn't think I wanted to do. I like the new tool a lot but I definately need to practice and get a little "smoother" with it. I can already tell it would have sped my tooling up considerably in some spots and prevented the overalp marks from my beveler, which was just what I was after. I can tell it will be one of the main ones I reach for in the future. As, for the dye, the thining I meant was for the brown. Originally I was picturing multiple shades of brown on the background and flowers to make the bone sections stand out. Now I like the flowers light too so I am thinking they need to stay natural with any dye just in the depressions. I bought a dark dye figuring I can make it lighter as need be and not have to buy a bunch. Any black I will want dark for the contrast and will definately be using black lace (already have that one ready). I was considering myself done with the tooling but I do see what you mean about the nose and lips. They did give me some trouble to make they stand out but I didn't want a whole lot of extra texture around them. The more I look at them though I probably will play around with them some. Not getting a lot of time to spend on it in the evenings but I am making progress here and there. I got the base riveted to the pan and the foam glued on. Next step is punching the holes in the top peice and getting it ready to lace. There are quite a few more steps in a seat than I had imagined when I starting it and like everything I do, it takes longer than I anticipate, but I am really enjoying it so far and learning a lot as I go. I really appriciate all the input and advice I recieve here. Milo
  9. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Thats not a bad idea. I like that seat. The color is subtle. Chancey recommended brushing dye in the tool marks as opposed to antique paste which seems like a much safer bet in my opinion. I could always start with the dye thinned down to make sure I don't overdo it and then darken it as I think its needed. Maybe practice on some scraps first.
  10. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Thanks! I just couldn't get the bordering to come out even enough when I tried to feather it out away from the tooling. I was afraid I ruined it when I started doing the whole background but it has definately grown on me. I keep going back and forth on the dye. By highlights, are you suggesting just dyeing in the depresions from the tooling and nothing else? That may be a good way to do it, maybe with a medium to dark brown. My first plan was to do the eye sockets and depression around the jaw black and the flowers and leaves brown to make the bone parts stand out lighter but as I mentioned I think the background has brought them out a lot and I may loose the flowers a bit if I do the whole of them any darker. On the plus side to not dyeing, I don't run the risk of screwing up the work thus far or overdoing it since I have no experience dyeing yet.
  11. Hello I see that the country in my profile is incorrect. How do I change that? I looked through editing my profile and setting but couldn't figure it out. Thanks in advance! Name: Jason UserName: Miloradovich IP Address: Email Address:
  12. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    Sorry for the lack of updates. The seat pretty much has been on hold for a few. I raise and breed snakes as a hobby and had a reptile expo to get ready for and most of my evenings have been taken up with cage cleanings and feedings. On top of that, I've been slammed at work and my 10 month old has been sick so I have made very little progress. I did get the hair and background done. I started to just border with the background but wasn't happy with the effect so I did the whole background. At first I was really dissapointed with it and regretting it but when it was all said and done and I stood back for a while I am very pleased with the overall look. I think it makes the figure and flowers really pop. Here's a shot Now I am re-thinking dyeing it at all. My wife as well as my friend I am making this for think I should leave it natural. I will still use black lace but even if I don't dye I think it will still fit the bike well. The sheetmetal is all copper colored with black line work on the tank and a black frame. I plan to rivet back peice of leather to the pan this week and start learning to lace. I have no idea how long to expect that to take but once done I will make the final decisions on wether or not dye. Originally I was wanting to use it to make certain aspects stand out more but the background went a long way towards that already. Thanks, and I will try to get updates posted sooner! - Milo
  13. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    I found them on Springfield leather's website. Item #011-43. I couldn't find anything similiar at Tandy's.
  14. 1St Seat And Some Finishing Questions

    That is an awsome looking seat but I'd have a hard time sitting on after you put that image in my brain. Hope you didn't tell that to your customer! It's looks great both ways but I'm with you. I prefer less color myself. I am a little biased though. Its just been within the last couple of years that I've added brown and blue shirts to my normal collection of blacks and greys. I tell me wife it just keeps it easy to coordinate with. I deal with customers day in and day out here at work and have to bite me tounge at times with 'the customers always right' thing. But you're right, got to give them what they want even if it's a 180 from what you'd do.