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  1. Look like Gomph-Hackbarths. Mike
  2. You know, you can make stuff out of deer skin...just sayin' Mike
  3. Belts are what caused me to call Steve and get a Cobra!!! Mike
  4. My Cobra 4 decided to stick in the up position today, exactly as you described. Wiz, what are ribber covers? I can't find any reference to them in the parts list that came with my machine. Also, when you say remove the faceplate, are you talking about taking all the parts off so you can completely remove it, or just the plate screws so you can see inside? Thanks! Mike
  5. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! I'm not sure which is more impressive, the tooling or the lacing. Somebody's going to be really happy with that. He ought to ride standing up so people could see it, but that might draw too much unwanted attention. Mike
  6. Hello from St Simons, and welcome to the Forum! Mike
  7. Welcome from the Southeast Georgia contingent on St Simons Island!
  8. Finally got back on thanks to Johanna!  Thank you for the re-set!

  9. I downloaded it and opened it in my computer, and all I get is a small windows box full of code... Mike
  10. I can't get any of them to open. Are they in the Stohlman Saddle Making series? Thanks, Mike
  11. Plus One for Lonnie Height/ Gomph-Hackbarth Tools 520-642-3891. He custom cut (shortened) a 5/8" barrel knife which has been my go-to for years, and Lonnie is a good a guy as you'll ever deal with.
  12. Hey SLP! First, from a leather working perspective, the tooling, finishing, and edges are far better than on the first holster I made some 35 years ago! From the perspective of a retired Law Enforcement Officer, combat shooter and Firearms Instructor, the most important recommendation I can make is to re-design the throat of your holster (around the top and down to where it joins the seam) so that the firearm sits higher. You want to be able to grip the weapon in the holster with a shooting grip, and not have to adjust your grip after you draw the firearm. As you can see, your fingers will not fit around the grip behind the trigger guard as the firearm currently sits. Hope this helps, and again, that's an outstanding first attempt! Mikw
  13. Welcome! For those of us on St Simons, you'd be from North-East Georgia Mike
  14. You can think of it as a PITA fee, but tell the PITA that it's a "Change Order" fee. You built what he asked for...he changes at that point, he pays! Mike
  15. HI 25b, I don't know that it's a matter of "won't" help you and perhaps "can't" help. I don't know of anyone who makes these things, and without photos, I'm not positive that I even know exactly what they look like. Do you know of any company / vendor who offers the finished product or reproductions for sale? Mike