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  1. I've been an Obenauf's fan for a few decades now... I 've been using the stuff on my thirty year old Maine Hunting shoes from LL Bean for close to thirty years ... I use it on all my Wesco boots... a pair of Jobmasters that are fifteen years old and worn six days a week, and second pair of Jobmasters I wear for Motorcycle riding... I have a thirty year old pair of Sidi Motocross boots that get the Obenauf's treatment as well... All my work gloves, my motorcycle gloves and my leather military gloves get the treatment, and my Vanson and Fox Creek Leather motorcycle jackets and Chaps get the treatment too.... I like to use leather laces in my work and riding boots.... I regularly treat them with the Obenauf's LP.... I've even used the stuff to moisturize my lips on a long cold Motorcycle run up to Laconia... I use the Heavy Duty LP paste the first time I treat any of my leather... Clean with a little diluted vinegar if the leather is moldy or really dirty, 2 tablespoons of white distilled vinegar in 16 oz tap water is a good starting point... let the leather dry and rub the LP paste in by hand... give it a second coat if the leather is older and shows signs of being extremely dry... I use the Leather Oil for touch ups in between yearly rub downs... Link: Hoorah!
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