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  1. I'm not sure how often Ed reads this forum. He does have a book, no DVD.
  2. I will be very interested in responses to this thread. I always thought that this style is chrome tanned slopped with glue. Then it is laid down and slipped and pinched till the desired effect is reached. I may be way off base though.
  3. Same exact delamination of the plastic like top coat over the fabric like bottom layer. It's not leather.
  4. While I agree a post machine would be ideal, a flat bed would work. A 29K is a bad choice, you would be fighting with it all the time. Not really designed for construction.
  5. If you tool shallow and not "into" the leather the leather generally does not stretch much. Many people are going for a 3D look, carving deep and lifting the leather. You get a lot more depth and realism in your carving the deeper you work. Packing tape on the rear of the leather really helps as stated above, but the compressed leather does have to go someplace. Think of it like cookie dough. the more you roll it out, the thinner it is, but it "grows" on the cutting board.
  6. It is amazing what a good job it does and how fast and easy it is when you get it set up right! Glad you got it. Time to be Snoopy dance now.
  7. Ed LaBarre, leather artist-teacher-toolmaker will be teaching in Portland Oregon Oct 31-Nov 1 2016. The class will be hosted at Oregon Leather in the old section of downtown Portland Class cost will be $150 for the two days, materials included. We will be making a wallet, tooled with an Orchid on the front and Ed's unique style of curved basket weave on the back. Bring your own tools but do not be intimidated if you are a beginner, we will accommodate you! Contact me to register, $50 holds your spot in the class. There is a 10 person maximum for this class. Aaron Williams
  8. Those look good, I really like the style.
  9. If Lisa doesn't have them try shoedo.com. I agree, the lasts are one of the hardest parts to building shoes, your choices are very limited.
  10. Pig would be good if it does not have a hard glazed finish like much of it has. Veg tan would be ideal.
  11. Suede is a poor choice for a lining material. It can attract and hold dirt, potentially harming the finish on the gun.
  12. My brain was not working correctly this morning. What is the fourth one specificity?
  13. Shoe equipment Not positive about the first one, some sort of a finisher for soles. The second one is a Landis3, for cutting soles, skiving the edges on leather. Third is a nailer for heals. Not sure about the fourth specifically. If you are making shoes and need this stuff $200 is a great deal.
  14. Hard to get a good specific picture. I think the main issue is not having the foot too tight. The feed wheel needs to slip a little bit, like a car tire on ice. It will push it forwards, but it has a hard time doing it.
  15. The primary difference is that better steel can be sharpened to a better edge and will hold that better edge longer. Any knife will cut, a great knife will cut better, cleaner, smoother. Think of of it like music. A K-Mart guitar plays music, a Gibson guitar plays music better. But yes, they both work.