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  1. Sorry for jumping at you, but it is a pet peeve when I see people offer things for sale in a worldwide forum without reference to location. A lot of times I would buy something if I could drive over and say "hi" and pick it up. You are too far away in this instance, I would buy it for $75 shipped. Add shipping and I could likely buy it from the store for less. Sad reality of stores and shipping.
  2. You posted plus shipping, from an unknown location. Someplace in Asia? Europe maybe? Russia? I will never understand why people post things for sale without a location, about a guarantee to stop lookers cold.
  3. Actually that is pretty easy to do. As a hack way you weld a 2" long piece of a pipe split lengthwise to the tool lost. Two hose clamps holds the grinder on to the "cradle".
  4. The reason people asked what it was is often times you think you have a new idea and soon find out others already do it. It is nearly impossible to converse about a topic without knowing even the topic you are talking about. Most ideas are not knew and most ideas are not financially viable. Even the ones that are usually do not succeed due to the management of it. People are not trying to steal your idea, they are attempting to assist you. Assuming you can have this built (assuming you can not build a production run of it) for $4,000 each and assuming you can sell it for $6,000 each you can have a small run of them made for about $100,000 and assuming people want and like the unknown item you can likely make $32,000 profit in the next few years that it takes to sell it. Deduct your overhead to run your company and you will know how much the product is really worth. Most people find out that their item is worth less than they originally thought. A few make money.
  5. That is a great idea.
  6. I like the design/style. Your stitching looks nice. My only critique is to suggest that you sew closer to the edges, you will get a more professional, finished look.
  7. Not at all. Zero proof. You mail the letter unsealed, that gets a date stamp on it. Then three years later you add the contents. You now have proof that you had the idea years earlier.
  8. A lot of people do this and the trick is to mail yourself a letter that is not sealed. Do it every so often and then when you need to show that you had the idea three years ago you pull out the envelope with the needed date, put in a backdated letter and seal it shut. That way you can go to a lawyer and open it in from of them, it will prove that you had the idea years earlier (I have been told that this is why a sealed letter is not accepted as legal proof). Keep in mind, a patent is very expensive. $15,000 if all is easy, up to lots if it gets complicated.
  9. I agree with Sonydaze. your blade is likely dull and possibly out of adjustment. Once sharp you can make perfect skives in seconds. The reason for the ragged edge is the knife is not cutting clean. Take a sharpie and paint the cutting area on the bell knife. Touch the stone to it and grind gently till the sharpie mark is cleaned off. You may need to roll the burr off the inside of the bell with a round dowel too. My skiver chewed leather when I got it, learned how to sharpen it and it works well now.
  10. Renia SG
  11. Glue it in with spray glue. Contact brushed on will usually soak through the cloth. 3M 90 is very strong, 3M77 is a little easier to use. Most available other brand names are similar to the 77.
  12. I would dampen the leather and use a texture tool to scar up the entire untooled area. The other line at the bottom of the basket weaved area is a problem too. You are correct to be critical, it is what makes your work look top notched. Your level of quality is judged by your worst work.
  13. Not big enough. You need to bridge the entire blade with nothing hanging over as you work it.
  14. If you have a stone big enough... You need a very flat surface, glass and a sheat of sandpaper are almost free. Don't remember where they were made, the guys at Pilgrim know the whole story.
  15. Mike, do you mind sharing your scores and the judges comments?