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  1. The Bob Beard class is coming up very soon. If you are interested I can get a couple people into the class. Located in Portland Oregon, hosted at Oregon Leather. Contact me with any questions. Aaron
  2. Basket weave

    The pattern is cut, it is stamped in with the tool. Then you bevel. The tool comes as a set.
  3. Basket weave

    The guy is on facebook, the Pinterest image is of the tool. He makes a few different angles of the tool. I bought mine a couple years back and have not done any more than play a little with it. I just looked at the above link, that is the guy.
  4. Basket weave

    Could be. But if you look very close he would have had to turn his knife exactly the same and made intentional overcuts at a completely different angle than he was cutting at. Almost impossible to do, on purpose or accident. The imperfections are all in a straight line, as are the other imperfections. It looks to me like he was not that used to using the mini5 tool and got a little off on the alignment as he moves across the leather.
  5. Basket weave

    That looks like a mini5 basket stamp tool.
  6. This is the picture we will be carving
  7. Bob Beard will be teaching in Portland Oregon Oct 20 and 21, 2017 We will be doing Desert Turtle picture. Materials and supplies provided, you bring tools. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the top leather workers and tool makers in the world. Bob will also have a supply of black crack for sale at the class. This two day class is $250, hosted by Oregon Leather in Portland.
  8. Landis Splitter - leather catching on knife

    Your blade needs to be correctly sharpened and moved closer to the rollers. It can not touch the rollers though. It is getting past the rollers but not being fully pushed through the blade. You got a smoking deal.
  9. Can I slick/burnish upholstery leather ?

    No, it wont burnish. Best answer is to skive and turn the edge. Another possibility is to paint the edges.
  10. dampening the leather can help with the scorching Two fast passes can be better than one slow pass too.
  11. Sorry not yet. I have been buried at work and helping a couple friends on their houses. I need to get the exhaust ducted out and then will see how it works. I hope soon.
  12. Head knife

    Ch4rlie, I think you will find your main issue is the edge retention. There is a book called the $50 knife shop that is directed at backyard knife making. Skip over the forging part and read up on the edge hardening part. It is a quenching method that is very simple to do at home. You should get a far better cutting edge when finished.
  13. it is a CO2 laser Link here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/40W-USB-Port-CO2-Laser-Engraving-Cutting-Machine-Engraver-Cutter-W-Wheels-/152106266467?hash=item236a3d6f63:g:E-MAAOSwyltZQz1o
  14. Sitting in location.
  15. Head knife

    I like the wood on the handle. What did you use to harden the blade? Is it edge quenched or dipped? What hardness were you able to achieve? A lot of the round knives have the taper brought farther up the blade toward the handle, it can help if you are in thicker leather and trying to keep the knife moving. I like that you are making as many of the tools as you can.