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  1. The main and biggest issue is the steel quality in the blade. It is huge and the most non-visible issue. How well a knife cuts and holds an edge is big. Feel in your hand and smoothness of rotation is a second issue. It is important too, and is something that is easier to see and feel.
  2. I did a hide a while back. I was recovering some stools. I used a suction feed Develbis paint gun. I diluted the Waterstain (or Fenice Dye as it is called before Tandy relabels it) about half with water. I was able to get very even coverage with the paint gun. I used most of the bottle on the veg tanned hide. An interesting point with the Dye /Stain definition, the ONLY reason this is a stain and not a dye is because Tandy decided to call it that. Dye is a synonym for stain.
  3. You don't need a burr to set rivets. They make it so that you do not have to flair out the peening as far, but not needed if you set them proper. I think the tacks you are seeing are likely plated steel and not solid copper/bronze. Steel will have a short lifespan around leather. Clinch nails are used a lot in the custom shoe industry. I have never seen one that was not steel (but that does not imply that are not made). They are not pretty on the back side but work well in places like the inside of a shoe that you cant get inside of easily. They are driven into the steel plate on the stand as the shoe is being assembled.
  4. Call Bob if you want a tool. He does not use the website, it is old and obsolete. His tools are the best. They are also a little spendy. You get what you pay for, worth every penny if you want top notch impressions.
  5. From what I am seeing in the picture they look just look copper rivets. The only real difference in a rivet and a nail is a nail is usually longer and has a point on it. You put the rivet in the hole and round/flair over the end with a hammer or a rivet set. The green growth indicates copper, nails would not be copper, rivets often are. I do see in one picture a hole in the center of the rivet, this would indicate a tube rivet. Possibly all of them have the hole, they might just be full of crud. If they are tube rivets they likely have a cap on the backside that has fell off over the years.
  6. Look here for inspiration: https://au.kakaduaustralia.com/collections/leather/bomber-hat
  7. Yes they are. Your post was the first in this thread referring to veg or chrome tan. Chrome will also harden if overheated, but I think to lesser degree than veg tan.
  8. Upholstery guys use steam all the time as they are adjusting interiors.
  9. I may not have the answer to your question, but I would start by not calling your girlfriend a "vintage woman".
  10. It I was looking for the absolute premium, I would get Kangaroo. It is very strong and pretty thin. Goat is a close second. I think chrome will handle the lasting easier. As long as it is thin, I suspect either will work though.
  11. As people are considering write offs, many forget that they basically amount to spending a dollar to save twenty cents. There are times that borrowing money can lead to better profits, but all cases of bankruptcy can be linked to borrowing money. China, usually.
  12. As to breath-ability, there is going to be contact cement between the two layers, that should be a pretty effective seal in itself. I think you would be better off with the thinner combination. I also think you are heading down a bad road. It should be up to the maker to select and source the materials. When the boots don't turn out he will be saying you got the wrong materials, and the blame game will begin.
  13. There is a u-tube out about the making of pricking irons I think it was in a Chinese or Japanese factory if I remember correct.
  14. Total thickness of 10oz (plus more for the toe and heal) will be massive thick for boots. The insole will be veg tan, the bison outer will likely be chrome tan. I doubt there will be any significant issue with veg or chrome for the lining.
  15. Your work looks great. How do you know already how to hand sew? Your stitches are superb.